Compounding rewards

I tried to pull out less than 2 prv worth of rewards over 24 hours ago and I still don’t have access to it. Anyone know what’s going on? This is a process that normally takes a couple of others? I’ve dealt with the cumbersome interface and their market price differences that have cost me money because of the chance to earn the prv rewards. If I’m unable to do that I’m better off using trust wallet and staking through defi. Incognito makes the simple stuff harder and more time consuming than it should be.

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Incognito states the wait time for withdraws from provide tab could take up to 3 days.

I am also waiting for a withdraw. However, I’m pretty sure that the provide functionality is a manual process and seeing as it’s the weekend and a holiday that could explain the longer than usual delay.

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Thank you Jared, good points, that makes sense.

There’s an issue with provide right now it’s being worked on

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Had similar wait. They seem to be flowing again.

Just wanted to provide an update. My withdrawal from February 14th at 12:07pm just went through now at February 16th at 5:18am

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Thanks for update , I have Feb 14 9:28 PM withdrawal still pending so it should go thru today

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This is not true. The 3 day wait is for the withdrawal of the provided amount and not the rewards. Me myself am stuck for over 30 hours now just trying to withdraw my PRV rewards.

When was your transaction? All of my transactions from weekend have cleared.

Just to clarify. There is nothing wrong or broken with provide that needs fixing.

Provide reward withdraws are queued and lineal. Meaning that before a new withdraw can be processed all other withdraws must be processed first. With that said there currently is a large queue for reward withdraws for very small amounts (0.000005 PRV, etc) and thus the reason why they are taking longer then expected. Its just a matter of time.
Just wanted to clarify that there is nothing broken with provide to avoid spreading misinformation. With that said we are looking into chaging the minimum requirements for reward withdraws to avoid being spammed with very small reward withdraws.

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