[Complete] Provide paused for scheduled maintenance (May 12th 10:00 to May 14th 07:00 Eastern Time)

Hi folks,

Update: This maintenance was finished. The provision is functional from May 14th 09:00 ET.

Recently it’s not too hard to see that Incognito users have encountered a lot of issues with Provide especially the liquidity provision feature because of either unusually high traffic (mostly caused by bots so we had to enable captcha in order to mitigate it) or old app version used.

So Provide’s liquidity provision is temporarily paused from May 12th 10:00 to May 14th 07:00 Eastern Time for improvements. Withdrawal is still functional as usual.

Specifically, using Google-captcha that opposing privacy and letting users suffer such bad experience is something we have to solve completely. The team has sat down together to design a new flow with the goal of bringing a better and safe experience to users. We’ve been working on the new design for a day now and will try our best to get it live as soon as possible.

Sorry for this!


This maintenance was finished, the provision is functional by now. Besides experience improvement, the captcha is also removed as I promised @CryptoA, @key, @sysfu. Thanks for your patience!


So I tried to provide just a few hours ago and got an error (presumably because provide was paused).
My prv is gone though, and seems to have gone to a certain address, I sent a DM to support but no response.
Is my prv gone?

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I had the same issue except I lost one Monero, fucking ridiculous

I had the same issue. The PRV is gone from assets (status: complete) but no trace of it in provide several hours later. @duc @Support

People have lost their rewards and crypto attempting to deposit this needs to be rectified

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Hey guys, the Provide was only unpaused officially from May 14th 09:00 ET, the latest Incognito app version is v4.3.9. So if you had issues with Provide, I guess it’s because you used the old app version. Please contact @ support via DM on the forum for help. In the meantime, also update your app if haven’t in order to have a better experience in the future provision, thanks.


Thank you for being responsive and delivering on this promise, much appreciated.