Community rewards for contributing to the privacy conversation

hey mike - that’s strange. everything is working fine on this end - did you get this msg:


there are 2 notifications: 1 that says you are approaching the limit, and 1 saying you have reached it (the one above).

not meaning to creep on you or anything but this shows just shy of 50 in the last 24 hours:

on the plus side - it looks like you only need a couple more over the next 10 hours or so!


Yeah I got the notification that I had reached the limit. Maybe I have a lower limit than 50 because I am still in the low category user. Well… I will complete in the next 10 hours then! I want that badge :wink:


Hey Mike - figured it out! The trigger runs daily, so would have updated at the end of the day. have switched it to real-time going forward. thanks!


Oh cool thanks for checking! Looking forward to it!

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I think you are my fan :slight_smile: @Mike_Despo

Haha, really? Where does it tell you?

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You like my posts, reply them and share screenshots containing me. These are my proofs :smile:

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Sounds good to me! :grinning:

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Could you add a feature or a badge for Incognito Rebels to show Incognito Rebel in their titles? @ning @andrey


Good idea - will do! Stay tuned


What does an Incognito Rebel mean and how can I become one? :laughing:

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Awesome @ning! Keep up the good work. Funds for Feb and half of the rewards have been disbursed. Please kindly check!


March 2- 9 update

Launching community rewards tomorrow! Just testing it now.

As a safeguard against the ol’ spam and scam, i’m adding an extra step to the process and will be reviewing reward amounts manually for now (sigh).

Rewards will be paid out weekly. Those who have added their Incognito wallet address to their profile will be getting their first rewards soon! If you haven’t yet, follow the instructions here.

Will be posting initial reward amounts later today – these amounts may need adjusting in the future depending on how this works out.

Reward amounts will look like this (check back tomorrow for the full list):


Hopefully there won’t be anyone trying to game the system, but please help flag spammers and scammers if you see anything dodgy! :triangular_flag_on_post:

And yeah, let me know if you see something amiss. Thanks :raised_hands:


And we’re off!

Badge holders – the first batch of community rewards should be landing in your wallets right about now. :boom:

Note: Some of you may see your badges and earning totals split across two or more emails (and may receive payouts in two or more transactions). This is because we’re sending rewards in batches and we’ve synced up payout with email notifications. :see_no_evil:

Next week going forward, emails will follow once all payout is complete so you guys get just one tidy email, with one tidy list.


I received notification by email today that I was eligible for rewards (wasn’t aware of the program until today)… but I didn’t have my incognito wallet address in my profile by the 1:00 PM UCT time, does that mean I will miss out on the rewards earned this cycle, or will they just be paid out next cycle?


hey @doc! paid out next cycle :slight_smile:


Can paid rewards be marked as Paid/Sent or something else in the page of the user’s badges? @ning


that’s a good idea -would like to add earning totals to the page too at some point. right now we’re using the email system - will flesh out the entire badge/rewards program more after this trial period.


Courtesy of @Mike_Wagner and @Jamie (and i think @ktn699 too) - we have the first two community created badges: Longest Non-Earning Streak, and No Committee Marathoner. Funny, delightful and a tiny bit tragic – three of my favorite things!

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.10.24
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.10.30

Weekly update

First rewards were paid out successfully, but there were a few people who didn’t get them as their Incognito addresses were added in the wrong field. If that’s you, or if you simply didn’t add your address in time for the first payout - don’t worry. You’ll get all your rewards to-date once the address is in.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Check this:

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.14.03