Community rewards for contributing to the privacy conversation

stat shows cumulative, badge is for consecutive. :grimacing:

seems like there will probably be plugin for that. i’ll have a look into it if you’re interested.


Im probably not at 100 yet but in a month or so yeah thatd be cool to check on it.

Should we add the “Badge Scavenger” badge as well? :upside_down_face:


@Jamie Ha, funny. lol. Why create the badges if we’re not actively seeing how we can get them? I believe that’s the point. They were created to incentivize participation, from my understanding in the initial funded proposal by @ning . Or only create badges for tasks that actually materially benefit you as a company, when people “scavenge” for them. :upside_down_face:

I think badges are fine just the way they are.

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Hey everyone - here’s a March update and suggestions for April.

Time means nothing when you’re self quarantined I guess, because I can’t believe we launched this just 3 weeks ago!

Since March 9th, the conversation around this initiative has grown and is honestly my favorite on this forum (might be biased of course). it’s even made its way to other threads – check out how the community nominated, designed, and presented @hungngo with the database crusher badge!

Thanks to everyone who helped me improve the MVP - @0x123 for making me think more carefully about spam issues (and suggesting a color scheme that works with dark mode), @mike_despo for being the premier badge hunter, @abduraman for being the most enthusiastic bug finder, and @mike_wagner for being 10/10 and designing the best and funniest badges! And many others for playing along, asking good questions, and sharing the love.

For April, I’ll start distributing and assigning rewards for the novel badges – such as @mike_wagner’s bug finder badge, the builder badge for everyone who is building/has built something for any part of the incognito ecosystem, the inspired badge for the best ideas, and so on.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on what other novel badges should be created – see the ‘other section’ for the current list:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.39.52 AM

I’ve also been thinking about setting up a system where people can ‘apply’ for a novel badge, nominate people they think deserve one, and vote on nominees! hopefully, as the community grows, it’ll be hard for me to keep track of everything - so would be great to get the community involved if you guys are keen. what do you think is the best way to do this?

Let me know your thoughts - what should we do in April (and maybe beyond)?


:tada: :tada: :tada:

I like this!

Here’s another idea I’ve thought of @ning and @andrey. What about implementing a badge and reward connected to doing a Mini Mission!
So, there are the big projects where people apply for funding and detail their tasks that they need to complete over one, two, three months. But how bout a Mini Mission Badge where you can, for just that week, propose a Mini Mission you will complete - like onboarding 2 new people to Discourse. Or creating a YouTube video about Nodes. Or… well, there is no limit of options… it’s up to each person’s imagination!

You could earn a Mini Missionaire Badge each week. You earn 5 to 20 PRV if you complete the mission. All it takes is saying what your Mini Mission is, and having at least 5 ppl voting Yes and a Core Incog Team giving their blessing.

It would create a more concentrated form of the larger proposals, where we could keep more casual users engaged and productive and helping out! :wink:


I like the idea of badges for people who create something, even if it is a small gadget kind of thing. Maybe a few user developers can work together.

It is not easily gamified and brings value to the project. I assume we are not just looking for ways to blindly increase the number of users on the platform.


Yes I like this too! I was gonna make it the builder badge - or do you have something different in mind?

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I definitely think this is a fun idea! It’s sort of the opposite of the wanted category.

We’d need a few good examples to kick off though, and they shouldn’t overlap existing badges (plus have strict rules in place to avoid spammers/money that’s a bit too easy to get). If you wanna take the lead on this and put up a proposal for a reward budget (and prv for your time), I’m happy to support you!

You can even nominate a ‘board’ of sorts to vote on these missions :slight_smile:


@Mike_Wagner badge #2 looks great and has my vote! :+1:

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Hey @ning, I tried “Make wiki” option.

Region capture 9

I thought a Wikipedia-like effect, but nothing was done :slight_smile: What does it exactly do?


you can make one of your posts a ‘wiki’ post -> wiki posts are posts that anyone can edit.


A new badge came to my mind. I think this may increase the engagement strongly. This badge should be given to someone only once.

I call it as “Fast Quiz Solver”. @ning Afaik in Discourse, a poll just with single question can be created. If multiple questions are possible, that would be better.

Here how it works:
1- Admins have right to set a timer for any post. One of admins will create a timed topic with a poll about Incognito.
2- The user who answers the poll correctly first (within the given period) will be the winner of the badge.

I think 4 polls per day would be enough. The badge reward would be 10 PRV. Another possibility is that 2 polls per day and the badge reward is 20 PRV.

Preventing Exploitation
To prevent exploitation, I think the badges below should be prerequisite:

I think we should not put any badge requiring share, like or post as a prerequisite, which may cause spamming.

This will have many benefits such as:
1- High reward per effort will incentivize the newbies. So existing users can persuade the possible invitees easily :slight_smile:
2- The newbies will learn Incognito effectively.
3- Due to high reward per effort, a network effect will be created. The newbies will invite their friends.
4- Since the poll will be random, the users without the badge will check the site frequently.

Any thoughts?


I like this idea too… was there ever a limit set to get the “No Committee Marathon”?, because I have a vNode that is apparently trying to compete for it…


This is pretty cool!

What I could possibly do, is create a category for contests (like what we did with node naming), quiz, etc., @mike_despo’s mini missions, stuff like that. We can restrict access to just trust level 1 and above (maybe 2?), to prevent exploitation.

about fast quiz - i like this idea but let’s brainstorm a bit:

while you’re right about setting a timer on a topic, i’m not sure if i can record time of vote. i also think restricting it to the first person who solves it would probably discourage other people from participating. it could be though, that everyone who participates in that time period with the correct answer gets a badge (reward to be divided amongst all).

Having said all that however, when it comes to referring external users… i’m not sure if the primary (only) incentive should be money.

Maybe it would simply be better to reward a person who had the best answer/best idea of the week?

Open to suggestions!


This would decrease reward per badge. Let’s assume that you will send 1 poll per day and the reward will be 40 PRV. Unless the time is so tight, nearly everybody would answer it correctly. If the number of the participants answering correctly was 40, the reward would be 1 PRV which is not so incentivizing for the possible invitees, imho. Besides, because of sharing the reward, many of people would earn the badge with lower rewards in initial quizzes but the remaining ones would earn the badge with higher rewards since the number of the people without badges would decrease. It seems a little bit unfair :slight_smile: Furthermore, since all the people answering correctly will earn the reward, you have to increase the reward to make the quiz incentivizing. In that case, because of high reward, you cannot post quizzes frequently which will cause the users without the badge not to check the site frequently.

Instead of the first person, a random person may be chosen but randomization is another discouraging method which keeps people away from such events since the result depends on their efforts (i.e. correctly answering) so weakly. In that case, the method of trade contests may be applied. Both the first person and a random person may earn different badges by sharing the budget of the quiz. The first person gets Fast Quiz Solver badge and 2/3 of the total reward. The random person gets Lucky Quiz Solver :slight_smile: badge and 1/3 of the total reward.

To me, such contests really need a fine-tuned balance but I’m not sure how to do it :slight_smile: The final decision is up to you.

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What exactly are we increasing, promoting here?
Random platform activity?
Increase project knowledge?

If we really want to educate people and reward them for going over tutorials, maybe we need to look into setting up a system like Moodle on this server.

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thanks - will look into moodle!

i reckon education yeah but also idea generation - anything that will help build a strong foundation for a curious, helpful, kind community. eventually i hope it won’t be teacher -> student or core team -> user, but user -> user. i think it’s already starting to happen!

at this early stage - the community is small but fairly tight knit - and the quality of conversation is high. activity with the potential to draw similar users into the community has to be a consideration too. i think ultimately we want all sorts of different perspectives here - the only prerequisite is caring deeply about privacy.


As I wrote under Benefits title, the aim of my suggestion is to increase both users and their knowledge, and not to be forgotten by the crypto users. So, the expected outcome is more active but not spam users.

Some examples from the crypto sector:
1- The frequent campaigns (usually easily/moderately earnable by the basic users) of Binance, which encourages its users to check the site time to time
2- Kucoin candy (checking in everyday). Consecutive check-ins increase the reward.
3- Another privacy coin’s faucet. Consecutive claims and some other mini-tasks increase the reward.