Community Driven Projects & Funding

Hi @Jared

I see there’s a few different requests for various functionality i.e. adding new coins to the pdex, ledger support etc. I know the development team is very busy with core development such as the soon to launch pdex 3.0.

My question is how can the existing community help contribute to support new initiatives?

Personally, if its a case of raising funds by contributing PRV, I’d be more than happy to contribute towards certain developments in order to see them come to fruition. I’m sure other supporters would be of the same view.

Perhaps this will be a responsibility for the new marketing / growth position to liaise with the community but I’d be keen to know what the team plans to do in order to help leverage the existing supporter base.

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Yes, that is why everything is on pause right now. pDEX v3 will change how some things work on the backend so there is not currently an effort from the devs to work on other things.

After pDEX v3 is released we will see an aggressive push for growth.

Community members are welcome to code various things (a web / desktop wallet shouldn’t be that hard) however, with pDEX v3 changing it is best to wait.

Forentualy it is not a fund issue but rather a pDEX v3 / time issue. All resources are being allocated to finishing v3.

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Infact, I will like to be part of this according my recent post. Web Wallet; Can’t wait to see pDex V3.
@Support we are waiting for this great invention! Please, be quick! :joy: :grin: