Common fixes for stalled, non voting and offline nodes.

Hi everyone, I see that there’s a few people that are posting a few queries on why their nodes aren’t voting consistently after seeing their status on Node Monitor. I thought we could try centralize common fixes in this one thread.

Potential examples are:
How to fix a zero voting Node?

What to do if your Node shows a shard stall?

What to do when the beacon stalls?

What to do if your node is offline but is online using Ensi and Nito (Telegram)?

Anyone else feel free to add any other potential issues.

It would also help if the team highlights the actual commands you need to use as not all vnode users are the most savvy coders (I.e. me!) but can work out basic powershell commands.

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Could someone explain what "Vote Stats : vote percentages of the two most recent epochs where the node was in a shard committee. " means in the node monitor. More specifically, how can my node earn normally and show earnings along with a 0 vote count % for a specific block? How can a node earn with a vote count of zero ?