Commiting to at least 1% Donation to Incognito Community

I have been thinking about the aspect of community, supporting it, and giving back to those that provide value. There are different charitable initiatives where businesses or individuals have been donating such as 1% For The Planet, The Barstool Fund, or Incognito and PRV Charity Initiative. So this makes me think, “If I’m making money here in Incognito using knowledge learned here, or community development projects, doesn’t it make sense to send a tip to those that helped me out?!?”

So at this point, I am committing to donating at least 1% to the community every month based on profits made that month. Percentages make it easy for me to rationalize things, and having a monthly commitment makes it so that I don’t get lazy and forget about it. For me personally where the funds go will vary based on what I have found value in that month, but I can see this going to developers, helpful community members, or contributing towards funding larger initiatives and contributing to a DAO in the future perhaps.

What does the community think about this? Does 1% seem to little, too much, should this be done differently?

Great work to everyone, and I’m happy to be part of such a great community. Keep up the great work! :clap: :partying_face:


That’s very gracious of you. My only suggestion is maybe to tag users you are sending funds to so they know where it came from. Give yourself some credit!


That’s a good suggestion. I didn’t want to make it too much about “me me me” and was thinking that maybe others might be motivated to do something similar, giving to what they feel is important. So if you do want to donate/tip people feel free to post about it in this topic!

I think you raise a very good point that it can be useful to acknowledge who you are contributing so others can appreciate the value they are adding to the community. In no particular order/ranking. Here’s where I tipped:
@Thriftinkid - Node Earnings Tracker: This was incredibly useful to see how to pull data in GSheets!
@abduraman - Whale Bot: This helped me understand the proper calculation of how the price is impacted by a large purchase
@abduraman - InQuery: This got me thinking about the impacts of arb and the utility it provides of keeping pDEX in line price wise with other dex/exchanges outside of Incognito
@Revolve - Discord Bot: Because it’s both fun ($faucet), and useful (tipping/sending PRV on Discord). I look forward to seeing the upcoming games/gambling/… that comes in the future!

There are definitely more than just these that helped me out this past month, but I needed to keep the list short, and start somewhere. Thanks gents! :arrow_up:


Much appreciated @RobynFitzooth!


This is a great idea and very generous of you.

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You are very kind, thank you. I will be hopefully releasing new update later today. Lot’s of new security features and what not.

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Cool! I can see that being useful and also a lot of work, nice!

TLDR: Robyn sucks and doesn’t have money this month :slight_smile: Next month better, and won’t be announcing who gets money, it will just show up.

In depth:

Donation update: So since I’m committed to donating 1% of profits in this pace, here’s an update. Short story is that the beginning of the month was very good, the very end was not as good, leaving me with no profits to donate. So, sadly no money to contribute to the projects that have continued to do work, even with a gap in builder rewards funding! :frowning: Oh well there’s always next month.

Donation process: I’ve had some more time to think about this over the past few weeks. And here’s what I have come up with. I don’t plan on writing up who/what I have donated to. I do plan on doing a monthly update though. This isn’t intended to hide things, but rather I don’t want people to feel like they owe me anything. Money can do funny things. Plus it’s rare that we get to form the world we live in, into what we would like to see… In a utopia, it would be nice if people did useful things and PRV just magically showed up without strings attached or knowing who or why. Just a signal that what you are doing is useful and your base needs are covered. I don’t want to get into a political debate on this. This is just a “magical” world that doesn’t exist in reality, but if I can move this world just slightly towards that then great. It would be nice that there would be enough PRV flowing into peoples publicly posted wallets (in the forums) that nobody would know that it’s me or someone else sending PRV. But it may be obvious based on timing, and that’s okay. I’m not going to go out of my way to write a program that sprinkles PRV daily at random times, of random amounts into certain addresses (but I would support someone that wants to! :slight_smile:)

Keep on being you (unless you’re not being you and then well stop that!) and doing useful things.