CoinMarketCap Re-Listing! 🥳

Hello Incognito Community!

The team is happy to announce we have applied to be re-listed on CoinMarketCap. This post is the final step in the verification process and we should be listed again very soon.

As everyone is probably well aware, the dev team has been hard at work designing, implementing, and bringing pDEX v3 (private decentralized exchange) to fruition.

At the same time, we have also been working on the new website (already launched; read about it here:

We also have recently released a sneak preview of our soon-to-be-released new app. Read about the announcement here if you have missed it:

Previously, we have released our new network explorer. Read the community announcement regarding the Incognito pDEX Network Explorer:

Explore our network:
Explore Mainnet:

Please remember to check out and follow our Twitter account:

CMC: #350945
Contract Addresses:
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004 (Incognito blockchain)
0xB64fde8f199F073F41c132B9eC7aD5b61De0B1B7 (Ethereum)
0xB64fde8f199F073F41c132B9eC7aD5b61De0B1B7 (BSC)


Hopefully the relisting will allow price feeds to be reestablished with crypto tax reporting websites like koinly.


I think some people buy PRV using PancakeSwap after this news and are not aware of the existence of the sandwich bot. As a reminder, I share my post again:

Yes, PRV is on CMC with the price chart. This explains the crowd in Telegram group very well :joy:

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The “marketing proposal” and “network of social media influencers” scammers are indeed back with the CMC relisting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :dizzy_face: :woozy_face:

Let’s all pour one out for @jared.

I seriously hope the core team has immediate plans to support you with more team members. You are going to be inundated with these time-wasting messages; exponentially so when the price starts climbing again.


You are 100% right. Woke up to 30+ messages on Telegram and at least 10 emails all of which are pushing their product or service for a fee. :woozy_face: