CoinGecko price rarely accurate

Hey there! Looks like CoinGecko had quite the error on Feb 11, 2021. The price shot up to $29.95 and then quickly adjusted in under 24 hours. But now the price is still at nearly $5, while the pDEX shows about $3.

Looks like they pull their data from ViteX, but it’s rarely accurate, if ever. This error on Feb 11 makes PRV look sporadic and unreliable… Anyone know what’s going on? Anything we can do to fix? Thanks!


Vitex has 0 volume, just some people pumping the price on there I’d imagine (volume is literally 3 dollars)

I’ve already reached out to CoinGecko about this. It probably wouldn’t hurt if we have more users messaging them.

Make sure you link them to


Looks like we have a target … Anyway i remember they need some more data to adjust that! The team and some other users from the community were working on that!