[Coin Request] WOWNERO ($WOW) Coin

FYI: @Jared

Coin Name: WOWNERO

Coin Ticker: WOW


  • Wownero is a Doge-inspired, CPU-mineable, privacy-centric memecoin.
  • It is a software fork of Monero with a lite version of RandomX (1MB scratchpad), a ring size of 22, a faster difficulty adjustment, and dynamic coinbase unlock times.
  • Wownero has a deflationary fixed supply of 184,467,440 coins with a slow and steady emission over 50 years.
  • Wownero is a fairly launched coin with no premine, instamine, stealth-mine, ICO, or dev tax.
  • No mining pools thus making it one of the most decentralise Proof of Work privacy coins via solo mining.


  • $9,674,795 (23 March 2022)

Networks: as of 23 Mar 2022

  • Twitter Followers: 2,399
  • Telegram: 1,847
  • Reddit Subscribers: 1,623


Project Contact

If you required any further information, please let me know. Wownero has a fun passionate community that all think privacy first (just like Incognito) and as the project is a fork of Monero, privacy is baked in at the protocol level.


I pledge a $20K / $20K (WOW/PRV) pool of liquidity if it gets onboard.

:wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero: :wownero:

Such Wow.

I think it previously didn’t get up because it requires a native bridge to be built rather than utilising an existing one i.e. BSC, ETH etc.


Awesome to know there’s another :wownero: supporter in this community :smile:

The amazing Incognito Devs have already built a bridge for :monero: Monero (XMR), so me thinks (in my non-developer mind) that :wownero: Wownero (being a fork of Monero) would mean the devs could reuse some of the Monero code to build the bridge for Wownero.

Or, perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.


Hello @Linnovations and @SPAddict25,
Thanks for your support Incognito specifically and privacy-first crypto project generally…
Regarding building new bridges, as you see in the Q1 roadmap, we were mainly working on bridges to popular blockchains (e.g. Fantom bridge will be released early next week and Solana will also come after a code audit in the near future) supporting smart contracts as building blocks for a bigger initiative - interoperable dApps across many blockchains.
But we totally understand the demand of having more privacy coins in Incognito from other privacy networks, this is indicated through trading volume of XMR pairs in Incognito exchange. So building bridges to the privacy networks is a thing in the team’s plate already, the thing left is just finding resource for it, and definitely let you guys know once we start working on them, we are very excited to get those coins onboarded.
Lastly, we really appreciate privacy-minded people like you two and many others, your supports (e.g effort on de-google services for the app by @Linnovations or liquidity provision for privacy coins by @SPAddict25) are tremendous motivation for the team when working on the project.


Thanks @duc for the reply. I’m very excited to hear that Fantom and Solana bridges are coming real soon.

I am not a developer so I’m unsure how much work is involved in building a bridge. But just so you’re aware, Wownero is a fork of Monero, so perhaps it’s not that much work to modify the existing Incognito-Monero bridge for Wownero bridge. But I understand that resources are limited and hence work has to be prioritized accordingly.

The Incognito project is so very important to all Freedom loving and Privacy focussed people and I’ll continue to support this project and try to help where I can.

Thanks for all that you do Duc and many thanks to the Incognito Developers, as the app continues to improve with each new release.