Code for Website Payments in PRV

Is there code we can use to integrate PRV as a payment method?


Hey, @Clint If you mean SDK, it’s live and can be used for adding incognito wallet.

If you mean some kind of payment widget, let’s just build it :slight_smile: Any details how do you see it ?


I think a payment widget would be beautiful. I too very much want to integrate Incognito as a payment method.

I’m not quite sure how we should go about it though, it’s definitely something we have to discuss. I’m not familiar with payment gateways.
If Incognito payment was a widget, how would me manage inventory of products and things like that.

  • I’m assuming you would have to integrate your widget into an already created eCommerce platform to manage inventory and stuff?
  • Unless you create a different widget for every product. Which might be possible. Some sort of widget generation that sets the price and allows you to purchase?

I’m not sure how it should work.


I too have an interest in a Cryptocurrency specific gateway including PRV.

I am no coder, but I really do not see it any more complex than a widget that functions as a shopping cart, allowing the buyer to select from what wallet address they want to use for the purchase. This then requests a valid recipient wallet address. After confirmation of transaction on buyers end, sales is finished.

For the inventory side, I’m sure someone could say, simplify an excel spreadsheet for simple edit of inventory to be tracked though the website.

Just a way I see it. Again, not a coder so no idea how to put it to action.

Great idea though :ok_hand:

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I would like that. A simple widget to embed into html would be perfect. As for hosting the widget code, I wouldn’t mind someone taking a small PRV fee attached to each transaction (Especially if its the Incognito DAO). Though self hosted options should be available.

Personally I would like this prioritized as it would help significantly in growing the community. Currently I have all my money in crypto cause quite frankly I don’t trust the U.S. Federal reserve, I fear devaluation incoming. I would love to be able to spend my assets like I normally would, but privately of course.

will this be solved with kyber integration? Don’t they work in merchant gateways?

That does look to be a yes @Clint. I visited the Kyber site and did some reading. Yes, they appear to have payment integration. I do not think they provide “private” transactions however. So maybe a version could be created between the two dev. groups that still keeps transactions “Incognito”

@andrey are there any news or possibilites so far to integrate payments with PRV in an online shop? I would like to reach out to some of my favourite shops and service providers in order to try to convince them to accept direct payments with PRV.

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Hey @sato unfortunately there is no a simple widget for this kind of needs right now. But if you have in mind some shops who might use it, we can build a solution for these needs.

Or, to make it even faster, we can bring Incognito to existed crypto payment processors and allow them accept PRV, pBTC, pETH, pUSDT, etc )

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For the beginning I was thinking about VPN Providers like Mullvad etc. I think this would be really interesting for us and them as well, as VPN attracts privacy focused users, so they could attract potentially many new users from our community and we would benefit as well by creating more value to our ecosystem.


Got it. Let us figure out with a payment processor first and we will be able to push more effort on the integrations.

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We could probably get set up with CoinPayments.
Here is the request form:

However, there is a big integration fee of €10,000 for the first initial year. If you don’t meet the average of €5,000 worth of transactions per month, you will have to pay the €10,000 fee again for the next year. However if you do meet the volume requirements, your good. (We might be able to work out some sort of deal, idk) We probably wouldn’t just want PRV, we would want all privacy coins. We should see if they are interested.

I think it would be huge having Incognito integrated with CoinPayments. That would make Incognito transactions available to a much wider audience. Adding Incognito transactions to any site would be super easy and simple. I feel like a lot more development would be possible.

I think it’s the integration fee is a filter from shitcoins :slight_smile:

From Incognito point of view it should be easier to bring privacy for BTC & ETH and only then bring PRV :slight_smile:

Being on Vitex, I believe we cover all the requirements to be added as a payment method for CoinPayments.

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