Clarification on Incognito Liquidity Pairs & App/Provide page lists I guess all the Incog LPs?
The list of the web page is different from the App “Earn” listing. App has far FEWER pairs. Is the App updated/more recent reflection of the Incog Liquidity?
I’m interested in Stable/PRV pairs, but not keen at all on USDT. On the web page there is DAI/PRV listed, with very little liquidity. DAI/PRV is NOT listed on the App.
Does that mean I can still deposit that LP on the app, or are the LPs on the App fixed?

Also on the App, Provide… Is Provide being discontinued??
Apart from the coin listing, I am unable to attempt to do anything with any Provide coin listing…

Hello @CryptoWizard,

The app only displays “Featured Pools”. The website lists any and all pools created. Anyone can create a pool and add funds to it.

Regarding the second half, Provide is working fine for me. What OS and app version are you on?

Tnx for FAST response.
Seems I misspoke with the Provide. I think I was thinking about the website Provide listing, which obv wouldn’t do anything. Actual interaction w Incog needs to be on the App. The App pools DO allow me to provide funds.
However, on the App, how do I provide DAI/PRV if its not listed? Ie, how to create a new LP on the App?

OK, under “Can’t find a pool?”… Please reach out to us at to request verification.
May do so if I want to add an LP…

I’ll have to reach out to the devs regarding this. There was a button (+) to create a pool but I can’t seem to find it.

I’ll go ahead and ask the team to make the pool on the app and get back to you.

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@Jared I wanted to come back to you regarding the Provide part of the App.

I had another look at Provide. So far I’ve “provided” a small amount of PRV. My screenshot shows the [Withdraw] & [Provide More] buttons.

If I hit the [Provide More] button, I get a screen with the PRV I’ve already provided, listed, but all other assets greyed out.

I assume either Provide is being phased out, ie no NEW Provide deposits accepted, or I’m using the App incorrectly…

Hello @CryptoWizard,

The Provide Now button will only show coins that you have available to add. Anything greyed out means it is not currently in your wallet.

Go into More > Settings > Click on Clear cached balance and then try again.


I’d actually recently thought of this & was here to update you that I’d found the answer.

Appreciate your reply and your attention.

As it happens, I do have zero balance on those assets, however I’m very interested in staking stable coins, so will be populating Incog Provide soon…

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