Checking whether node is operational


I used this site to watch my pnode, ( ) but when I paste in the public key I get a “node not found error”

Two questions:

  1. How can I make sure my node is waiting for selection? It worries me that my node can’t be found (pnode)

  2. Can something be added to the app to indicate the status of the node? (Waiting for selection, in committee, etc?)


I think that one is created by @raz. What is your public key? You can send it in a private message.

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You should be able to add your validator by its public key if its running and you staked, otherwise there is a problem with your node.

I made this website for that purpose. (Tracking the node)


Thanks. I checked with @Jamie and he says everything is fine. No idea why the site could not find the node.

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Can you see the number 1517 next to “Reward Receiver Nodes:” ?

Could you send me your public key in a private message as well?

My node is found but can anyone explain the highlighted sections to me?


I assume the reward receiver nodes is how many nodes there are active, vnode and pnode?

No idea what current blockchain height means and the related number.

Remaining block epoch rewards was 298, I refreshed after a few min and that went down to 290. When that gets to zero does it restart and select new nodes?

I’m assuming my one node divided into total amount of nodes equals my network share. So more nodes out there the less I have?

@Jamie why did you verified his public key as a reward receiver node? I checked the API manually ( and his public key is missing, which means he didn’t stake or somehow failed to become a part of the network.

what do you mean?

Yep, 1517 nodes are functioning well and elected or waiting to be elected.

Blockchain height means how many blocks have been made by the network.

Epochs are certain recurring periods of the network.

The last line measures the net worth of your nodes in PRV, USDT and network share, which is in your case 1 / 1517 * 100.

What did you check? How did you verify his node?

The Node is fine, it sent a stake request. Once that is processed it will show up on the Node tools.

My pnode hasn’t earned in 24 days. In fact, it has only earned once since I bought it early April.

Despite the inactivity, I can see my node in the tool @raz created. The status says it’s waiting to be selected, and like I said, the node has earned once before. Nothing on my network has changed.

Do I need to open ports 9334 and 9433 for a pnode? Any ideas? @Jamie, I can send you the public key if you need.


send me your node id xxxx-xxxxxx in a private message

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I’m still wondering if my node has been detected in the network.

One node shows that I can stop funded staking and the other does not

Is there any place on the blockchain where you can show me whether my node is actually detected and waiting for selection?

Because staking is so random I want to make sure my node is ready for selection and I don’t lose any potential earnings. Thanks.


I’m not sure if this is normal behavior


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What does “In Shard 0. Pending …” message in the above screenshot mean?


There are currently 8 shards in the Incognito Chain. These are numbered 0 to 7. The node in the screenshot has been selected for substitution into Shard 0 committee. Once a node has been selected for substitution, it prepares for the upcoming validation work by syncing the blockchain. It remains in this Pending phase for 2 epochs, after which it will be substituted into Shard 0’s committee to validate transactions.

You may read more about the validator lifecycle here: Lifecycle of a Validator Explanation