Checking status

Wanted to see if there was an issue with this unshielding transaction. It’s been processing for hours. image

As we already put out an official announcement earlier in Incognital wallet’s Bulletin,
Due to high demand, lead BTC network congestion, all shield/unshield requests will take a longer time to complete.
There’s nothing we can do but wait.


But why it takes this long and why is it not happen with other wallets? Was the btc fee to low the incognito wallet uses or what is the issue to prevent this happen in the future? So guess it wont make sense now to try to send another transaction? I’m waiting now 2 days and seems there is someone I seen even since 15th. Can we not pay a higher fee or such thing in some way? I don’t understand this. If it its a few hours its longer but days is not take longer its kinda forever. Usually it takes 30 - 60 min but days? I never have seen this b4. What to do and how long to wait now? Can we use a higher fee when unshield to prevent this?