Changes to shielded Bitcoin address

I had not used the app in some time and today I discovered a few pretty convenient changes, assuming it wasn’t a mistake.

Two of our followers in an anonymous page sent us contributions. When I got the masked Bitcoin address I discovered it was the same Bitcoin address every time and I no longer saw the warning that it could only be used once and the 2-hr window, just the minimum amount of Bitcoin. I gave them the same Bitcoin address and the two made 3 transactions total with the same shielded Bitcoin address and all were completed.

Is this a new feature or did I accidentally gave out the real Bitcoin address to my wallet?

If it’s not a mistake and it’s part of the upgrade, does that mean I can just give out that shielded Bitcoin address so followers can send donations at any time without me having to generate a new shielded address? Are there any risks? How long is the shielded address good for?

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This feature has been going live for awhile. Check out this post. However, this has some downside as specified in this improvement.

No and Yes:

  • No: every shielding request has to signal our backend so that it knows how to deposit to your account (there’s no background job listening to “your followers sending money to you”). This means, even when someone sends BTC to this BTC address, you will not immediately receive it in the Incognito wallet. The money is still yours, but one more step is needed for it to appear in your wallet. But our backend hasn’t been notified about this, so this step will never be performed.
  • Yes: You can manually perform the last step using the Incognito-cli (assuming you know how to use it). That is, you do the watching on the shielding BTC address, if you see a new in-coming transaction, you can use the CLI to deposit it to your wallet.

Maybe until this improvement goes live, perhaps in a couple of months.


So, it’s safe to say that the shielded btc address is only linked to my wallet? So if I give it out and people send donations to that address on their own initiative, without notifying me first, I can contact the back office periodically to check for pending transactions in that btc address? Let’s say once or twice a week? …without someone tracking the transactions with the shielded address.

Basically, almost like cashapp when it comes to receiving the donation. Is that correct?

Yes, the address is ONLY linked to your Incognito payment address.

Yes, right. You can manually shield your coin or contact support.

What do you mean by tracking? BTC transactions are public, so everyone can view your transactions.

Sorry I don’t know about the cashapp but it seems to be like that.

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Anyone can see it?
Is the btc address shielded or is it my real btc address?

Transactions of the shielded BTC address are publicly visible by everyone since they are on the BTC network

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