Changes in gas estimation? Errors now? (It went up signifcaintly after today's change)

Hello! I’m here to complain about gas fees again hehe–but I’ve generally seen vast improvements to the incognito contract and the efficiency (I think by using a proxy contract). I noticed something seems like it was changed today and wanted to alert to this bug. Maybe an upgrade of releasing v2 caused this problem.

I noticed this TX was sent with 120gwei… when gas is 20-30 gwei at this time. Etherscan Link to 120gwei

A few other transactions seem high was well but only 50% higher than necessary where my above example was 500% higher.
68 gwei #1
68 gwei #2
27 gwei (reasonable)
30 gwei (reasonable)

It seems like something was changed today because the last transactions were unreasonable. Also the app is not pulling correct data now. Gas is now only 12-16gwei but an unshield transaction is $75 USD. Shielding is $30. I am not personally pushing transactions today but just monitoring updates and improvements of the project and noticed this concern. I always look at fees.

I love the ability to shield in a decentralized way and control the gas fee! I hope there will be decentralized un-shielding soon. In the meantime I think this bug needs attention.

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