Change wifi

Can u Change wifi on the node and if so how

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You can change the Wifi using the REST interface.

From a device on the SAME LAN as your pNode, you may find the REST interface at:


One of the options is update-wifi. That function is apparently changing now/very soon to change-wifi under the hood. Whichever is listed when viewing the REST endpoint at http://IP_OF_YOUR_PNODE:5000/ is the correct one for THAT node’s firmware.

To change the stored Wifi network, simply make a call to the REST endpoint with a completed URI.

An example:

  • Your pNode’s REST interface lists /change-wifi
  • Your pNode’s IP address is
  • The QR code on the bottom of the pNode is 1234-567890
  • Your Wifi SSID (Wifi network name) is MyHomeNetwork
  • And your wifi passphrase is secretpassword123

Simply paste this URI into your favorite browser and the wifi network change should take effect.

You may need to power cycle your pNode if it doesn’t connect to the updated network after 5 or 10 minutes.