Change Wifi Connect

Hello, is it possible to connect to a different wifi connection with your PNode? I changed my wifi name and I need to changed the SSID on the Pnode.

Thank you.


I assumed it could it be done by adding the Node again. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

removed directions to add existing node


That device options isn’t on my app

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I’m going to try this again. I need to change the SSID that already on the Pnode. I tried adding existing device and new device and the option to connect to a new WiFi isn’t coming up because when I try to add as a new node it says that my node is already on the network when I add existing node all it does it adds the same node to my device screen. All I need to do is change the SSID the node is currently connected to to a different one a simple changed your wifi Network. Thank you

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Hi, I understand you. That feature is under progress. It is yet to be available now. All I can suggest now is to use the Ethernet port instead if your old SSID is changed.

Ok this is a much needed feature. If a customer wants to move the node to another household, office, or anywhere else you pretty much can’t. Is there an ETA on when this feature would be available connection to ethernet isn’t available at the time. Is a possible to remove the node from the network so I could re add it with a new private key and set it up again like a brand new node?


Hi, I will keep you posted about the ETA, but can I know the reason why you want to “re add it with a new private key” at this moment?

I was just asking about that because if the node was removed from the network it would give me the opportunity to add it again and select a new WiFi. The reason I can’t add it is because the node is already on the network. I honestly need to connect this to a different WiFi and ethernet is not a option. I don’t understand how something so simple isn’t a part of this app.


Hi Arnaldo, I got your point. The ETA for this feature is the end of April 2020. Your patience is highly appreciated.

Hello, I’ve just received a node and connected it to my home WiFi. Is it possible to relocate it to my Office with a different WiFi connection? How to set up it again?

Relocate it to another Wifi connection is not available now. For the time being, please use the Ethernet port to connect the Node with the network of your Office.

Is this available yet? I just moved to a new home. Would like to keep my pNode operational.

Not yet. Maybe this will be of help.


Replace ip with the lan ip of your Node, and fillout qrcode, ssid (name of your wifi network) and password. Run it in a browser.

Hey there, on February 29th I moved houses, so with that came new wifi. I added a new node, same as the old one just new wifi and it popped up under my old one. It’s a little finicky and the interface needs updating, but it does work when moving houses.image

You can remove one of the nodes, if you have no use for it anymore.

It’s the same node, just in a different house. I don’t want to mess anything up so I left it. There’s no delete button or anything?

No there is no delete button.
On the settings page, tap on an account 7 times, after that the “remove Node” option will be available in the 3 dots menu on the Node tab.

Umm, that took my node out all together! Not just deleting the top tab! Shoot!

Great, now I got this when trying to add it back