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Hi everyone!
I don’t understand the change rate on the app. (I want to change Xmr for Btc).
On the app:

On investing:
The rate is divided by 2?!
I miss something Big…

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Hey @Tranbr,
let me explain the situation.

  1. The pDEX works based on automated market maker algorithm, similar approach as uniswap. Which means that trade price depends of the size of the liquidity pool you trade with.

  2. As you can see on the screenshot below and the line Pool Size: on your screenshot. There is no liquidity right now for XMR <> BTC pool.

  1. I assume user which provided liquidity for this pair, couple days ago, moved liquidity to other pairs as XMR <> PRV & BTC <> PRV. As we launched liquidity incentives campaign.

  2. This situation is temporary, we are working on attracting more liquidity for XMR<>BTC pair.

Meanwhile, if you need to execute trade right now, I recommend you to do a next trick:
Trade XMR -> PRV, than PRV -> BTC

As you can see these pools are much bigger





Sorry for such innocence. We are working on attracting more liquidity and make trades smooth.

:exclamation:You can always check sizes of other pools here
So far the biggest liquidity pools USDT/C <> PRV ($600k+)

Or under each trade in the app

Feel free to direct message me (@andrey) if you have other questions.


Hey @jamie I just posted more open answer. Please use this one.

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