Captcha showing..

Hi ya All…

I was wondering when I go to add to provide I now get a Captcha appearing?
Does anyone else have this appearing?
If so is this not a security risk or privacy risk due to it being run by Google?



As you may know, we’ve experienced a sort of spam attack to Provide recently, that’s why we enabled Captcha in order to prevent it. In terms of privacy concerns, with or without Captcha (run by Google as you said), your provide information is still being tracked by Incognito due to Provide’s centralization. Anyway, Provide is just a temporary product and will be replaced in a few months once we have an alternative.


Duc I’m very disappointed in the decision to use a (archenemy of privacy) Google service and implement it without warning to the user base. This could have been a bulletin in-app. Instead the Provide services just abruptly stopped working for me (firewall blocking google). This action doesn’t match the narrative about improved communication, transparency, and decentralization.

I DESPISE captchas. Very annoyed at this development. There are other options available.

My preference is the slider.


Hey @key, it’s a quick decision to prevent the spam, sorry as we didn’t make an announcement in advance. Please give us some time, we’re working on figuring out a better solution.

@sysfu, I guess we’re already using checkbox style. It’s 2nd on your list :smiley: