Can't send coin, error: "must be a integer number"

What is the story with this?
Why/how is this the case?

'must be integer number'

hi @drusin, please go settings, and turn off Decimal Separator


Thank you for the reply, but the Decimal Separator setting has never been turned on in my wallet app.

But since you mentioned it, I turned it on and tried.

The error still appears regardless of whether Decimal Separator is switched on or off.

Can you send whole coins? From the error message I’d guess that the app fails to convert the input to sats. (haven’t looked too much at the code though, so only speculation)

Yes, it’s what the error says… if an integer is entered, it works fine.

I’ve never encountered this before, and I’m only seeing it on NEO coin.

What would be the reason for this kind of restriction, and why would it only apply to sending/unshielding and not buying/selling in the pDEX?

This is a restriction NEO chain imposes. NEO “coin” (not same for other NEO “chain” tokens such as GAS, FLM) can be transfered only at integer values. Fractional values are impossible for NEO coin. In sum, you may transfer pNEOs inside Incognito fractionally but this is not valid for NEO coin inside NEO chain.

This statement seems to contradict your first two statements. Did you mean “not possible”?

Also, can you explain how a user can transfer pNEOs inside Incognito fractionally? The integer message appears even when an Incognito address is entered.

Ofc :slight_smile: I was at a meeting. Fixed.

Then, the same thing is valid for Incognito addresses too. Either I remembered incorrectly or the team might change the behavior.

Why can an Incognito user buy less than 1 NEO on the pDEX?

Why can a Binance user buy less than 1 NEO? :slight_smile:

That sounds combative and/or sarcastic? My question wasn’t rhetorical, I honestly don’t understand how/why it’s possible to buy fractions of a coin that you’re saying the blockchain doesn’t allow. Is this not like trying to buy 0.5 satoshi?

Since Incognito chain is not NEO chain. We use a wrapped version (pNEO) of NEO coin. There is no such restriction for NEO on Incognito chain. If you used another DEX in NEO chain, you would face this problem since that DEX uses NEO chain.

To me, in addition to fractional trades, fractional transfers inside Incognito should also be allowed. Why does the team disable it? I dunno.