Cannot see out-of-network address

Trying to receive xmr from out of network and when I click the out of network to get the address my screen goes blank. The app stays open just nothing where the address should be, in network works. Only noticed on the newest update.
Galaxy note 8


Hi, actions in and out of the network have been temporarily halted. We are working on a fix. Please try again the next 24 hours.

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Well this happened last night at 8pm I just hoped it fixed itself by this morning so hopefully by tonght its working - and Thank you Peter for the quick response much appreciated.

This is starting to sound like a completely centralized project and not at all a decentralized one.

The network goes down because the fixed spots of core team nodes goes down. And then they halt inbound and outbound transactions because the core team is busy processing transactions that were occuring when their nodes went down?

Considering this is a privacy oriented project the fact that the core team has so much control over the back end of things is very alarming. When I sent in about ~1,000 USDC my transaction didn’t go through because my wallet took longer than 60 minutes to send. After reaching out to the core team they were able to locate and allocate my funds back to me. I was grateful for this but also very worried. A truly decentralized privacy based coin should not have so much control over what goes on in their Network.


@Jared here is how we’re approaching decentralization.