Cannot open my app on new phone

I replaced my cell phone due to a cracked screen and now I cannot open my incognito account on my new phone on the app.

What do I do? I tried deleting the app and trying fresh as I have my seed words but it wouldn’t let me… :thinking:

Don’t worry I’m sure there’s a way to get it working.

What error messages are you seeing / what is going on to prevent you from getting in the app?

Screenshots are best if you can provide them (Please remember not to share sensitive and private information in them).

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How do I add a screenshot?! Ah i figured it out lol
Here is what it says:


It would appear something is off with the app sizing on load.

What phone are you using? Brand and model please.

I’ve also tagged @Support here so they can step in and help as well.

iPhone 11 all software is updated as well. It was the same I had before. No change there.

Hmm sounds like you might have to do an app reinstall. Do you have all your keys backed up?

Try these steps before doing a full reinstall:

Yeah I have my key words. Trying to delete and reinstall see what happens. Thanks

I cannot delete completed still shows up on my apps like it’s there… see in pic attached🙈!

Please follow these instructions from Apple:

After completing this restart your phone and see if it realizes that it has been removed.

image It doesn’t show up in my subscriptions as I didn’t pay for the app so I cannot delete it completely… hopefully that makes sense :face_with_monocle:

If you follow this instruction first. Then restart your phone. After these two things see if it still says open or install.