Cannot Locate Funds After Wallet Reinstall

Awhile back, Incognito Wallet mysteriously disappeared from my phone. I reinstalled it from the the Google Play store and restored it using my mnemonic key phrase but now the only keychain that shows up is “Anon” and none of my funds are appearing.

When I restored it, I wasn’t sure if I had made a specific name for the master keychain so I just entered “Master”. Could this be the problem? I thought that as long as I had my key phrase, my funds would be safe… it’s rather disconcerting that this apparently is not the case! Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I cannot seem to find where to contact an actual support person or official moderator…

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Welcome to the community @mr_anderson…You may reach someone at support by creating a DM to @Support…give them a lil time and they will respond to you…best of luck… :sunglasses:

You can contact support via DM. Here are the instructions:

How long have you had your incognito wallet? Is the very first wallet you’ve ever had the mnemonic? That was a fairly recent upgrade and there are plenty of users that are still on the old way of backing up their private keys.

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As mentioned, the seed phrase is a feature added not that long ago. Using “awhile back” contradicts with that.

Scenario one

Let’s assume you had the wallet app already running without the seed phrase feature. All keychains created could only be recreated/restored by importing their private key. Hopefully you were aware of that and saved all private keys safely somewhere.

This still work, you can import your keychains by importing their private keys in the new downloaded app. In that case you will have access to your funds again. You will have a master and masterless section in the app, your funds are in the masterless section.

Scenario two

Let’s assume you misunderstood the way the seed phrase works. After updating the app, making the seed phrase function available, you ASSUMED, this seed phrase would restore your already present accounts. You saved the seed phrase and threw away the private keys you had saved earlier.

Now you are going to cry. If this is the case, then there is no way to access your funds anymore, ever.

I hope you have the private keys saved, and will gain access to your funds by importing them one by one (in case you have funds in multiple keychains).

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Just describing the possible scenarios. When are you going to update the other users on the multiple accounts you run? Or are they not supposed to know you hide behind many names?

Thank you @Jamie

This really described possible cases that would happen.

To @mr_anderson,

Can you send a direct message to @Support so that we’re able to assist you?