[CANCELLED] Incognito Network Explorer

This proposal has been deleted for various reasons.

What privacy problem am I solving?

When I first came on the Incognito project, it was difficult to build a global vision of the network and the on-chain activity.

https://mainnet.incognito.org/ is a good start to view basic informations about the network and the blockchain but it doesn’t show pDEX activity, shielded coins, market cap, and all the stuff hidden in the detail of every transaction.

By giving a vision of the on-chain activity, with per transaction analysis or with aggregated statistics, it will allow us to better communicate about how Incognito is powerful.
In addition, this tool will allow anyone to better understand how the chain works.
Finally, it will provide an API usable per every builder to build awesome Incognito related products.

What is the solution?

It’s a blockchain explorer, like Etherscan, with Incognito related features like pDEX statistics, trades list, shielded coins, etc…

Who am I?

I built https://pdex.incognito.best, this project was a proof of concept to check if I was able to track on-chain activity.

I prefer to stay incognito because… that’s the good place to stay anonymous :wink:

What’s your schedule?

Here is the minimal features set I think it could be good to deliver:

| Milestone | Deliverable |
| Milestone 1 | Build a basic blockchain explorer with pDEX transactions analysis and pairs charts |
| Milestone 2 | Add real time capabilities (pending transactions, freshly mined blocks…) |
| Milestone 3 | Provide a public API |
| Milestone 4 | Deeper transaction analysis (with charts if useful) |
| Milestone 5 | Market cap feature |

What’s your budget?

Milestones budget:

| Resource | Cost |
| Milestone 1 | 10,000 PRV |
| Milestone 2 | 5,000 PRV |
| Milestone 3 | 3,000 PRV |
| Milestone 4 | 10,000 PRV |
| Milestone 5 | 1,000 PRV |

Fixed cost:

| Resource | Cost |
| Servers cost | 200 PRV/month |
| Fullnode server cost | 200 PRV/month |
| Maintenance / Open source management | 1000 PRV/month |


Please correct me if I’m wrong. Wouldn’t this take away the privacy that incognito currently offers? If all these private transactions can be tracked how is it different than Ethereum? I’m sure I am missing something.

Statistics are available through APIs already, this proposal is about a new website which would visualize these statistics. There are already 1 official and 1 community made explorers. @inccry cannot make the network less private, don’t worry about that.


Okay so this explorer would not be tracking transactions between public addresses then?

Hi, it’s not possible. Have a look to these transactions, sender, receiver and amount can’t be read :

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Okay great thanks to both of you for clarifying :+1:

This proposal has been cancelled for various reasons.

To help aid in full transparency to the community please list the various reasons why this proposal has been cancelled.

I cancelled it after getting some feedbacks from the Incognito team.

This kind of products is not easy to fund via a DAO, because what i’ve in mind can’t be easily shared in a proposal, with milestones, defined features and fixed budget.

Rather than trying to divide this product/ these ideas into small pieces to fund them via the DAO, I prefer to keep working on this product without DAO funding, and i’ll finance it on my own.

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