Canceling funded staking

Aloha, How long does it usually take to cancel funded stakings after first plugging in the p-node. My status is green in “waiting”. Just got mine today and I want to stake my own 1750 PRV, but don’t see the option to yet. Is it still the case that if we don’t stake down any PRV we will get 35% earnings? And if we stake 1750 PRV it will be 100%? Thanks

When you un-stake a funded pNode, it will finish processing after random committee selection.

Yes. If you stay with the funded option, you will receive 35% and 65% goes to the pool. However, If you stake your own 1750 PRV you will receive 100% of the reward.

But how long does it take for it to give me the option to unstake? The option. Just plugged mine in today. Thanks

Your Node is in the initial staking process now. Once it’s done, the “Unstake” button will show up on your Node screen, you can then press it to unstake your Node, then re-stake with 1750 PRV for the self-stake option.

It will be done soon, don’t worry.


After setup your node sends a request for funded stake. The funding is likely to happen during working hours. Once it is staked, the unstake button will appear.

You can tap that button and confirm the unstaking request to start the unstaking process. This process can take some time as unstaking happens after an earning cycle. When the “Stake” button appears, you are good to go.