Can we make a poll on the new logo?

Still like the old logo the best


Hope they don’t change the app logo that would look odd on my phone


Hey everyone, I figured I’d post this for conversation’s sake. I started trying to play around with some ideas for merch and swag designs based on the black dot logo and I felt like this could be an interesting design to discuss. It’s not a final version, not hi-res or anything, so this wouldn’t be what went on a shirt or decal, but you can get the idea of the design.

The story shows someone “going incognito” through the name / logo, they go dark almost like you are stepping into a portal no one can see into, but it’s a safe entrance and exit, kind of like the platform. You log into the app, shield your crypto, and exit if and when you are ready, leave no trace.

Also includes opportunity for combined logo options, where the logo could be the name with the black "o"s, with or without the figure.
In addition, if the figure is included, the black circle becomes a little more recognizable, so the full name version would be the primary, with the black “o” with the figure stepping through, but for certain swag, app buttons, etc a design could be just the black dot with the half figure stepping through.

Last thought:
Might be interesting to use the “o” shape from the incognito brand name font as the black circle instead of a clean circle, simple shapes can support recognition themselves, but a circle can be a little difficult to differentiate.

incognito text test logo with man Ver 2


I really like this!


Good, but a refined one will much great


very Portal ; ) love it.


I like the idea, but this can not be used in small format. The details would be lost.


Rough drafts

Black hole -> Black box

very basic

or black hole but different
(into …)

and more different


Second looks good. What if we call it an “eclipse” instead of a black hole?

The eclipse of crypto has a much brighter tone than the black hole of crypto. Also more rational. The black hole basically destroys everything, an eclipse is a beautiful natural event which “hides the sun”, the “center of our world”. (Bitcoin)

Reference: RECAP - PRV Holders Call May '20


This can not be used, but I keep seeing a little guy looking to the left, in the name Incognito.
Probably just me ¯_(ツ)_/¯



@Jamie I would have to disagree on the content not being able to work on small format, just look at the upload logo when writing a message on this forum from your phone, it’s minuscule but the details aren’t lost. That being said I’m not hardcore advocating for it as a logo, I might use it for shirt designs etc., so I don’t have a strong opinion, just want to push back on scalability. With hi res and precision we have now, almost anything can be scaled for small format haha

Secondly, I really like your second design! Agree with @raz the idea of an eclipse, the moon hiding the sun is natural and you know the sun is coming back haha Actually, if we move forward with shirts and glasses etc, I might have to ask you for the hi res, if you’d be willing to share, I think this is a great design for swag.

I’m kind of neutral on the third design, but not for any specific reason, just not finding it as aesthetically pleasing as the second.

Not a fan of the the first box design, I don’t really get it. Might send the wrong message.
The box idea is contradictory to “escaping traceability” and kind of gives a feeling of being trapped or having a specific location. It would feel more like a storage system than a platform for unlimited untraceable money transaction.


Love the second one - having ‘cogni’ in the shadow is clever!


Yea, agreed, I was actually wondering if @Jamie just put the cogni in the shadow to be symmetric or if it was deliberate to highlight “into” which if it was a happy accident that’s awesome, if it was deliberate, I’m impressed. Cool design. “Into incognito” more or less


@Bruno Could you make a logo with @Jamie 's idea?
but as an eclipse like
I don’t know how to combine it elegantly, maybe search for vector graphics for the sun first and hide it with a circle or you could keep it realistic with a free photo from Google Images. If you decide to make it with a photo, please keep it high-res.


I was just playing, I have no intention to fight anyone over these.

The black box of an airplane, which is not black at all, holds all info of a flight plus voice recordings, but none of that can be used without decoding it first. That is the relation with the black box. There is an analogy with Incognito I think. But you are right, if you need half an hour to explain it, it doesn’t work.

Your design will look absolutely great on a t-shirt for sure. I was just picturing the image in a 45 x 45 avatar and imagined the little figure would be lost when the o’s transform into mainly black dots.


It was deliberate, didn’t know if it was obvious. That is why I added it to the text as (into…). It is a little off center, as I said it was a draft version.


ooh sorry i missed that haha, but yes great design, very well thought out. I was looking at something similar with ways to highlight “go” but i didn’t spend enough time with it. might play around with it tonight, but if you have any thoughts let me know :handshake:


I get a vision of a gif where “go into” morphs into “incognito”, but that is no good for a logo/avatar.


To me, if there was a hole, it should cover “in” syllable etymologically.etymology


What about a logo that has the outline of a wallet with the PRV symbol in the middle bright and blue like it was, then all around the wallet partially (incognito mode) hidden are the other top coins/ a few project coins?