Can we make a poll on the new logo?

I am curious about what the community thinks about a plain black picture being the new logo.

Some thinks its revolutionary, others got confused.

I think its time to vote…





For new users and myself was confused


I’ll throw in my two scents.

First, the decision belongs to the core dev team 100%. If they want to ask opinions or not remains up to them.

Second, I liked the previous logo, but understand there are multiple reasons to change it.

I’ve been apart of logo / brand launches met with skepticism and others met with excitement. It’s always difficult.

My personal feelings on the change:
Conceptually, I like the idea of what it represents, it could be interesting to draw curious people, however I find it will be very difficult for the new logo to “tell a story” on its own without substantial explanation.
I am afraid it will not be recognizable and will make initial interactions less impactful leading to quick disengagement before learning more.

Below are some of the elements a logo should have or what it should accomplish. I think the new black dot can connect with current users and we understand the meaning, but it leaves a lot to be desired for some of the key elements for an impactful, recognizable logo.

There are so many elements that go into a brand logo:
Identity - telling the story
Structure (word vs image vs combined) - what does it need
Color Scheme - impacts emotional connection and recognition
Impact - push or pull the consumer

And there are many goals that a logo should seek to achieve:
Simplicity - story can be told and brand identity shown with very little explanation
Recognition - consumers should be able to recall quickly, easily, and with little additional context
Versatility - can be used anywhere any size
Connection - connects with the consumer emotionally and their core values

Consumers often buy products or engage with products for their logos alone. A black dot will be difficult for a consumer to “engage” with.

I’m not a graphic designer, but from a marketing perspective I try to think about the story that’s being told and how clear it is to the consumer.

I can share more thoughts on specifics and how the dot hits or doesn’t hit different elements, but this is already a long post. If anyone is interested I’m happy to share more!

(For the record, I think this is clever, but this would work better if the brand was a major corporation with an already established l brand awareness.)


First the incognito team didn’t want to pay a designer to make a halfway looking website…

Now they want to just say “screw it” and get rid of the logo all together.

All black is dumb… If the community is supposed to “run” the project, then why aren’t we included in decisions?


@Ssmccul That’s totally not true.

They had a website, but shifted the focus from them to the community and it was a pretty good decision.

The case with the black logo is somewhat similar: They want to “unbrand” Incognito to make it more generic.


I think they will let you in on decisions like this when you are also willing to pick up the bills.

No designer? I think you just hurt someone’s feelings


Part of the reason why you would want to have a logo is for SEO. You want your assets at the top of google image search. A black box will NEVER get picked up that high and will lose on SEO.


I think a black coin could be interesting. Give it contouring, lighting, and maybe a slight angle to give the impression of a minted coin, but leave it black.


@aaron Could you create a poll please? Its not about decision making, just to see the feedback from the community.


@Ssmccul I don’t agree with your sentiment on this. I’m sure the decision was not made arbitrarily or because they didn’t want to spend etc.

There is real merit to the concept. Almost every brand or logo launch is met with people who don’t like it and others that love it. I frankly like the concept, but I think the platform and brand awareness needs to mature a lot more first.

I do agree with your argument about SEO however.


Comparing it to a black hole doesn’t make logical sense to me. We don’t even know what happens when things enter a black hole. I guess you could say there are theories of what would happen…I keep picturing myself telling a friend to check out incognito and they ask about the logo. I tell them it represents a black hole. Send your crypto into a black hole…doesn’t quite have the right ring to it.

Will there be an announcement from the team on why this was done?


This is my thinking as well, I was on the call today when they announced it, but I missed them actually say black hole (if they did), so not sure if that is the message. It’s more the idea of untraceability. You can’t see anything. I don’t know if the black hole was a side comment from users, a quick analogy, or the basis for the design, but I agree with what you said. A black hole or “emptiness” isn’t exactly reassuring, it’s a little hard to explain and I’m not sure it would exactly provide a sense of security to a new user.

I think the goal is to remove any nefarious connotation, but I don’t exactly see a positive spin on a black dot / circle / hole.



The telegram image used isn’t even a high quality black circle. It’s potato quality.


I think this type of logos makes searching and recalling difficult. The name should be written in any logo. Look at this:

The old incognito logo is at the bottom right. However, it does not have any word. How can anyone search for it? The image search is not user-friendly yet.


Exactly. SEO plays a huge part in organic traffic. If you aren’t acquiring new users through search, you aren’t growing.


Solid point! We need the title in the logo during the growth stage


So why not add “” PRV “” inside that black hole??


In the scale of 1 to 5, how much do you agree with the new logo? Where 5 is totally agree.

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Something like this?