Can’t withdraw node earnings

I’ve been running my node for a few months with no issues. The node is still operating normally, shows as synced with good both stats on the incognito monitor. It is staking and earning normally, but I can no longer withdraw funds from the node account into my wallet account. When I hit the withdraw funds button, most of the time I get the normal notice that my funds are being withdrawn and will appear in my wallet when completed, but the withdrawal is never successful. Occasionally I get an error message at the bottom of the screen but it only appears for a moment I have not been able to read it. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hello @Oneofus,

Most likely you need a tiny amount of PRV in the wallet to withdrawal the node rewards.

Try adding 0.001 PRV to the wallet and then withdrawal.

Thanks, that worked! In all of my previous transfers, I must have simply sent whole numbers without realizing it was critical to leave a small amount in the account.