Can’t keep up with all the crypto!

I have been a fan of crypto for some years now, and have a pretty diversified portfolio I’m sitting long on. I have fallen in love with PRV and everything it represents to the crypto community. I wish I could hold all my assets on this exchange! Is anybody aware of any sort of roll out timeline for other coins? I am assuming their list of supported coins will continue expanding?


Hello! As my friend @Jamie likes to say it has been mentioned and described in detail in several places on this forum already. Use the search engine.

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I tried before posting. Maybe I’m missing something simple about using this interface?? :thinking:

I was able to find a thread about some specific delisted ERC20 tokens but nothing that really answered my question about crypto roll outs.

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You can add/verify coins “yourself”. It means you can hold them after that, not trade. Trading is only possible once someone starts a trading pool.

Could you link me to the article on how to do that? Sorry for hassle, seems I’m not the best at navigating :confused:

The link is already there. Just read the post and the comments.

Sometimes I’m really smart. But sometimes I’m just really dumb :man_facepalming: Thanks