Can only send small amounts of PRV

I have had this issue before, but it only lasted a few hours, this has now been about 24 hours for me.

I can send 1 PRV, 100 PRV, and 250 PRV from one Incognito wallet of mine to another fine. But anything above that, and it gets stuck at 30% on the “Please wait, this window will close when complete” screen. I have attached an example.

I have waited on this screen for over an hour once yesterday, though most times I wait about 15 min and give up.

I have tried 250 PRV multiple times and it sends fine, I have tried 300 PRV and above many many times and it gets stuck here. I have also tried importing the private key for these accounts on another device and sending, with the exact same result. I am trying to stake some nodes and really don’t want to have to keep sending in 250 PRV increments.


I had the same issue few weeks/months ago.

Is it a wallet where you sent a lot of small amount in it? It was my case: all my vnodes winnings were sent to the same wallet and impossible to make a transaction from this wallet of more than XXX PRVs.

So my best guess is: too many utxos to sign for a single transaction.


@inccry , interesting, and thanks, it seems you are onto the problem. This is from an account I collect all my node earnings before I have enough to stake another node. I basically use it as a hub account.

I just tried to send all the PRV I had been doing in the smaller test transactions between accounts, and it was no problem. That was 611 PRV and it went fine. I can’t send amounts that size from the hub account.

Is there anything else I can do other than keep moving small amounts out of this hub account and then stop using it once it is empty? And stop using any one account as a hub?

Do you think all the accounts will eventually freeze up like this after there has been enough node withdrawals?

@andrey already told me the dev team was looking at the issue I was having, so I am going to wait for a solution from them also.


You can try to consolidate your utxos on a weekly basis. When your hub account reaches a XXX PRV limit, send them to another account, your 5 or 10 source utxos will be consolidated to a unique new utxo.

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I’ve observed a weird issue with the app, and I’d want to find out if others have seen this too or this is something isolated to my app/phone?

When I try to initiate a small transaction involving 50-100 PRV, it goes through with no problems. This applies to cross wallet transactions (moving 50-100 PRV from one account to another, for example - moving it from pDEX to pStake). This also applies to trades (selling PRV to convert to BTC). However, when I try to move a larger amount of PRV (over 1000 PRV for example), the app gets hung up at 30% and keeps spinning. This only happens when I try to move PRV between accounts or when I attempt to trade PRV for BTC or another crypto. When I try to convert BTC to PRV, any amount of transaction value goes through.

Can anyone comment or help me out to figure out what is going on?

Hi @sid,

Check this thread: Can only send small amounts of PRV


Thanks @inccry for pointing me to the right thread. Glad to know this is not an issue with my specific phone, and I was trying to do the exact same thing - moving my node earnings to one “hub account” so I have enough to stake my next vnode.

It sounds like a fix in in the works but till then, the best thing to do would be to move your node rewards out more frequently in smaller amounts to the next node account rather than wait it to to sum up to a larger amount over a month or two.

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That sounds like a good solution. I created a new hub account and included the date created in the name so I could discard the account in a month. I also did stop withdrawing earnings every day and decided to go to weekly. That actually helps my sanity anyway. I do hope the fix for this comes in this weeks big update though.


Actually I think your solution is the only solution. I setup a new hub account and have only consolidated into that account one time (from many different accounts). The new hub account is already having the same problem. :sob:

Guys, we will start working on this next month. The app will provide a way to conduct a de-fragment when there are many UTXOs in your wallet.


Great, thanks for the update.

I my stake and trade to work but can only do it in low amounts