Can I have multiple nodes on a single validator key?

Hey there!

I’ve searched around everywhere and I can’t find a solid answer to this.

I recently became aware of this project and I really like it. I’ve already moved some coins into the system and I am interested in getting involved with hosting nodes.

I am considering spinning up several nodes, but I am unable to find answers to some of my questions.

The “staking” process is new to me. I’ve only ever mined BTC before. I understand that I need to stake 1750PRV in order to activate my node. What I do not understand is if I am able to have multiple nodes on a single staked address/validation key.

  • If I stake an address, can I use that validation key on multiple nodes in my pool?
  • If not, do I have to have multiple addresses, each with their own individual 1750PRV stake?

Thanks in advance!

Each node will need its own 1750 PRV stake and unique validator key.

It is not recommended to use the same validator key with more than one node.

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Thanks for the information. That’s disappointing to hear. $5000 stake plus however much for hardware/hosting/etc, per node, is a non-starter for me, unfortunately.

I will continue to use the platform, though. I do love what you’re trying to accomplish.

A pNode is a great, low-cost entry to the validator side of the platform. You do not need to supply the 1750 PRV stake for a pNode. However for that convenience you will only earn 35% of the full block reward.

You can also earn PRV through Provide and eventually Add v2 (due April 2021).

Start with a seed purchase of PRV, add to Provide, shield other coins supported by Provide, reinvest those earnings and you’ll build your 1750 PRV stake faster than you might think.


@tylerstillwater You dont need to fully stake a node if you purchase it from incognito. They will stake it for you out of the box. However, it will be a 35/65 split on the earnings.

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I think there is a misunderstanding on this. No need for another hardware/hosting per node. One machine may have more than one node. So, you may run 3 nodes (1750 * 3 PRV) in one machine. There are many topics on it. Here is one of them: Multi-VNode script

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