Can I get ROI projection on buying a node?

I would like to know if I spend 399$. How long will it take to get my money back at the current growth in PRV network?


This is decentralized project, you have to do some DD on the info provided on this sight.Lots of info here but No salesmen around. Try to make the next weekly info call

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This is sometimes hard to calculate. It depends on:

Are you going to use PRV already staked from the node (then you split earnings with team 35% you 65% team)

Are you going to unstake PRV from node and stake 1750 PRV yourself (then you keep 100% of node earnings)

The only issue is that node earnings are not stable income. Nodes are picked randomly to become validators. You could easly be choosen 5-6 times a week and earn 60 PRV, or only once in 20 days and earn 10 PRV in 20 days.

Given the info above you can calculate that on average you could earn like 25 PRV weekly if you stake everything yourself or 8.75 PRV if you use PRV that is already on the node and share earnings with team.

Have you tried using the search function? “earnings node”

Why do a virtual node instead of spending almost $400

Both have their merits.
v nodes have to be staked ( 1750 PRV) and run on a computer you provide. You keep all the earnings on a v node. You need to have computer, some computer knowledge, and time to manage it.

Pnodes come prestaked ( you keeps 35% of earnings)
they are simple plug and play devices, no tech savvy needed to put a skin in the game. they preform same as vNode but no need to watch over them. Plug it in and check app once and a while.

pnode option is about $400 And you earn with about 612.5 PRV of house money.
Vnode is around $1277 to buy in but you earn with the whole amount you put in (1750 PRV)

Or you can just stake PRV and earn great return.
Or you Provide liquidity and earn even more


I think you mean earning $399 by getting your money back. This depends on the price of PRV and the number of the nodes in the network. As of now, APR in PRV is around %90 and PRV is around $0.70. pNode gives you %35 of earnings if you borrow the stake amount. With this setting, you will earn ~550 PRV within a year. Let’s assume that the price is the same. So you will get ~$385. This means that you will get your money back within 12-13 months.

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