Can I Deposit XTZ?

Hello everyone,

When I go into Assets and then into Shield I am able to add “PXTZ” to my wallet but I am unable to shield aka deposit any XTZ to this account.

Am I correct here or is there something I’m missing?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I tested it as well but I was not able to find this coin at all. I have searched for PXTZ and XTZ. Anyway if you go on shield and look up a coin once you select this coin the one time address for the deposit should appear automatically did this not happen in your case?

Well, I found the private tezos coin in the list, but without green checkmark. This means the coin is not verified. After adding the coin to your list, click on the small “i” just next to the coins name and compare the coin Id if it’s really the correct coin you want to send. If it’s not the same id, it’s not the same coin, so you can’t shield it :slightly_smiling_face:



Hey @walkonwayvs, XTZ (Tezos) chain aren’t supported by Incognito yet. Unfortunately, you cannot shield your XTZ coins.

Please see: Comprehensive List of Supported Coins/Tokens


Ah dammit okay thank you! I appreciate the succinct answer and the supported coins list

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