Can I buy coins on pDEX with fiat currency

I wanted to inquire whether we can buy BTC & other stable coins with cash or wire transfer on pDEX.

Hello @Ashley,

This is not a feature Incognito currently offers. In order to deposit funds you’d need to send stablecoins or other crypto into your wallet from a 3rd party source.

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Can you suggest any defi exchanges from where I can buy coins anonymously

It would depend on where you live. Unfortunately I do not have a good source available. Perhaps other community members can answer that.

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Thanks… waiting for the community members to answer my query.

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Localmonero and Bisq


Thanks…I guess Paxful too is a P2P exchange…can it be used…can we transfer coins from Paxful digital wallet to Incognito

Any supported coin can be sent into Incognito via any 3rd party. Please check the app under the assets tab. Coins with a Green Check Mark :white_check_mark: are verified coins.


Tq…I will do the needful.