Can I assume that all Incog trading/pDEX activity is currently under the "Trade" tab in App?

Reading the docs on the forum is like a ride through history. None of it is like the current app. Much of the documentation/tutorials on the forum should really be deleted, hence this question for clarification…

Can I assume that all pDEX trading (ie pPancakeSwap & internal Incog pairs) are available under “Trade”?
& All Incog LPs available under Earn?
Does the bottom of the LP list, where the % is 0, merely mean that no liquidity has been provided, or that the LP is no longer valid?

Tnx in advance.

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Sorry about that. Things move fast around here and it can be hard to keep up with updating / removing old documentation.

Yes, pApps were merged with the trade screen to give a better and easier trade experience to end users.

Answered on your other post.

Neither, this means the reward for the pool will earn the liquidity provider 0% APR, most likely due to network demand has dropped.

So adding a custom LP is taking a huge gamble that there will be demand for that LP & hence some sort of reward…