Can anyone help me with a pending transactio that failed?

I sent out an xmr transaction yesterday and the receiver cancelled it midway. Now i have the refund trying to come back to me and it seems to be stuck in a perpetual cycle of pending->expired->stopped (on my incognito trasnaction log).Then it tries again, and continues to fail. I think the program is waiting for me to do something but i have no idea…what im doing . I am experienced with other crypto stuff, like defi and all that stuff, but monero? No idea.

I think the current transaction ID is:

I also have all the history and the tx_hash ids etc. Basically i have the paper trail of it all, think im good, just need someone to help me help out this poor xmr transaction that is stuck in purgatory.


Here’s how to contact @Support on the forum in case you experience issues with one of your transactions, such as shielding, unshielding or trading.


Wow thanks!

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