[Call for applications] Incognito community managers

Hi folks,

As you may know, after a few months focusing on development (with a limited user engagement obviously), we are now having a more stable infrastructure as well as better products. They are not perfect and still have a lot of room for improvement but we feel that it’s a good time to restart the growth again. It doesn’t necessarily mean we should rush to build a big growth team like what we had earlier but step by step with community managers first who will help build a Incognito community.

It’s always better if the community managers are someone in the community who truly love what people here (not only the core team but also community members) are building as well as have a high level understanding of the Incognito ecosystem.

The following are a few main responsibilities a community manager needs to do, you can always suggest more if wanted, it’s not a limited list:

  • Support user issues (not only pass support tickets to devs but resolve by admin tool when possible).
  • Collect feedback and issues from users weekly to see what we can fix/improve.
  • Engage community by tutorials (for products), survey for feedback/ideas, etc
  • Increase awareness of Incognito by spreading out to crypto groups.

So if you’re interested in working with us to make Incognito better, feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for your support!