[Call for application] Growth for Incognito

Hello Incognito community,

After about 2 quarters of focusing on development, we’re now having a more stable network with a better privacy protocol, more secure bridges, and a more usable mobile app. Obviously, there is still a lot of room for improvement though (you will see in Q4 roadmap), we feel that it’s a good time to restart growth activities for the project so we’re calling for an application with the following job description:

About the role

  • Plan and execute go-to-market strategy for new products, features, enhancements, and new partnerships by forming the positioning, messaging, and value proposition.
  • Keep up to date with the trending topics in the crypto space.
  • Be the brand’s voice for communications on social media, engage in mentions on Twitter with the help of community manager.
  • Manage influencer marketing on Twitter and Youtube (if any in the future).
    Manage public relations, media relationships, major announcements, newsletters, and events for maximum impact. Build and execute a content calendar, produce articles, visuals to keep the community informed and excited about project developments.
  • Develop and execute a content roadmap that educates and generates excitement for the project especially the pDEX.


  • A deep understanding of blockchain, and specifically DeFi, is a must.
  • A deep understanding of crypto consumers and what motivates them online.
  • Experience bringing products to market in fintech, a startup environment.
  • 2+ years of previous experience in product marketing.
  • Concise speaker, storyteller, and writer: you can slice, dice, and distill a narrative from a complex data set into an executive, TL;DR summary.
  • Experience with email, web, mobile/push, and content marketing with a history of focus on the right message for the right customer on the right channel (at the right time!).
  • Interest in being part of DAO’s and leading community-driven projects.

Nice to Have

  • SEO and/or SEM experience.
  • Graphic and visual design skills (Figma, etc.)

If you are in the community long enough, you could realize that there always are members (or project supporters) who are willing to help each other in their limited ability without any condition and now the project needs your help - please send me a DM if you’re interested in the position or if you know someone who is skillful on growth for a project like Incognito and want to join us, please refer too.

Thanks for your support, let’s build and grow Incognito together!


@andrey seems to be the perfect fit for this offer :joy:



  • Re-hire Andrey as Incognito Growth team leader :slight_smile:
  • Nop

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Any progress on this?

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It’s been almost 3 weeks since I asked if they were interested in me connecting them with someone experienced in digital marketing and they ignored my follow up from today. Haven’t seen any updates and they don’t have any job listings, so I get the sense it’s not much of a priority right now.

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Hello @sillyhippo,

Where did you contact us at? I don’t recall seeing this message.

I wish to be part of this growth. How can I apply?

I think @Jared can help you.

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