Buying 1 token without decimals isn't possible

I have notice that for tokens without decimals, is not possible to buy only one.
As you can see, the pool size is 76.0341 PRV and 32 QUEST, so each QUEST should be about 2.4 PRV, but even an input of 3 PRV wont let me request the order. Why?

I need to give 5.0689 to buy one, but surely that will give me two, as it has happened before:

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Thanks @J053, we are having a check.

I was able to buy one. So either it is solved or it was possible already.


Pool size has expanded like 7x so prob will give better bids

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Liquidity has dropped again to 104 PRV and 42 QUEST. I wasn’t able to test if I could buy one.

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Sorry… I’ll add it back lol. Try in 5 min

Give me 20 min to add. Have to slowly phase it in as the value of quest has gone up since I removed lol

Hi all, the QUEST token is set at 0 decimal by default (you can’t use 0.99 QUEST to make 1 spin, right :slightly_smiling_face: ?). It requires the input PRV to be correct so the amount of QUEST you get doesn’t have any decimals eventually.

Do note that the current pool is small and there is always a difference in the actual price & minimum price you get.
See also: pDEX: The first privacy-protecting decentralized exchange

If you can’t get an exact price to buy 1 QUEST (like Jamie did), let’s increase the bid value (2, 5, 10, 20, etc…) to give it a chance.

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