Buy and sell privately at Bitcoin ATMs

How to anonymously buy and sell at Bitcoin ATMs:

  1. Download the Incognito App (Google Play Store / Apple App Store)
  2. Choose “Privacy Bitcoin”
  3. Use “Deposit” to buy BTC
  4. Use “Withdraw” to sell BTC
  5. Scan QR Code
  6. That’s it!

Why is Privacy Important for Cryptocurrency?

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Isn’t Bitcoin Already Private?

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Bitcoin is pseudonymous . That means:

  • For every account, transactions and balances are public, forever.
  • Anyone can link your real-life identity to your account and see your complete financial history.

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Incognito is 100% private . That means:

  • Sender, receiver, amount and balances are encrypted.
  • You decide who sees your transaction history.
  • No KYC required.

How does it work?

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When you buy Bitcoin at an ATM…

  1. BTC goes into escrow
  2. Privacy Bitcoin (pBTC) is minted on Incognito and sent to your account.

All pBTC is backed 1:1 by real BTC. You can buy, sell, trade and hold it just like Bitcoin.

When you sell Bitcoin at an ATM…

  1. pBTC is destroyed
  2. BTC is released from escrow and sent to the receiver’s account.

Want to learn more? Read the whitepaper.

Why Choose Incognito?

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Ready to Join Incognito?

Download the Incognito App now:

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I think that we can actually use Incognito Wallet when buying or selling Bitcoin with any kind of sellers or buyers, not just Bitcoin ATMs. For example, it could be buying and selling with buyers and sellers on LocalBitcoins, with OTC guys nearby, or from Coinbase or Binance.

The pseudonymity of Bitcoin gives room for dealers we transact with to trace up the Tx Hash (we send dealers BTC when we sell or dealers send us BTC when we buy) and discover our personal wallets with all the historical transaction data.

Adding Incognito Wallet as a step in the process could increase the privacy-protection level for us. Basically, we use “Deposit” to buy BTC: the bought BTCs will be sent to our Incognito Wallet addresses and turned into pBTCs. To sell BTC, we use “Withdraw” in the way: pBTCs in our Incognito Wallet are withdrawn to dealer’ addresses and dealers will get BTCs. With this, dealers will have no chance to find out the address of our on-chain safety boxes nor how many BTC we are actually possessing.