Buy and sell Monero (XMR) confidentially without KYC

Buy & Sell Monero (XRM) anonymously. No KYC.

Hey everyone!

Andrey is here :wave: I’m happy to announce that we have launched a bridge to the Monero blockchain, and that XMR has been added to the pDEX (the first ever privacy DEX). This means anyone can buy and sell Monero anonymously, without a trace.

Download the Incognito wallet to trade Monero anonymously

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Completely anonymous trading

The pDEX is built on top of the Incognito chain - a platform of decentralized privacy coins. All trades and traders benefit from complete confidentiality: no KYC, no records of buyers, sellers or transaction amounts. No third party risk – you control your money and hold your own private keys. Enjoy decentralized, scalable, cross-chain liquidity. Now you can trade XMR with 100% confidentiality.

Blockchain agnostic

The pDEX supports cross-chain trading. You can anonymously swap Monero with hundreds of other assets, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, BNB, ZIL, and all ERC20 & BEP2 tokens.


Instead of waiting for permission from exchange owners, or paying to list your preferred pair, just list whichever token you want by becoming a liquidity provider. As a liquidity provider, you’ll earn trading fees for your pool. Anyone can add/remove liquidity.

How to buy Monero confidentially

1. Download the Incognito wallet

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2. Shield your BTC

This process turns your Bitcoin into Privacy Bitcoin. More information on the process here.

3. Swap shielded BTC (pBTC) to Monero (XMR) on the pDEX

:exclamation: Warning: temporary this pair has low liquidity. You may get much better rates if goes pBTC ->PRV->pXMR

Just enter the amount you want to trade. Here’s more information on how to trade on the pDEX.

Note: XMR in the Incognito wallet displays as pXMR. Withdrawing pXMR to a different wallet will return XMR.

Buy or Sell Monero confidentially on the world’s first privacy DEX

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New to Incognito? Learn more about us:
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Really great content. We have a lot of great written “tutorials” here. This one about monero or “How to trade anonymously on Kyber” etc. Maybe we can collect them all in one place, so we can find them quickly in order to share them in reddit etc. Maybe we could also build landingpages so we can rank withe tem long-termn organically. So if someone looks in duckduckgo or goog** e.g. for buying monero anonymously is landing on this page.