[Building] Master list of No-Sign-Up Exchanges

I want to build a master list of no-sign-up exchanges. These help us trade cross-chain without signing up, and without providing KYC. These are alternatives when gas fees on ETH are too high for use on incognito. It’s been recommended to unshield using LTC for the lowest fee.

First, trustless atomic swaps - no kyc - non-custodial

Second, custodial platforms, possibly could ask for KYC after sending coins. Some restrict geography.

  • sideshift.ai (used many times, accepts LTC, never heard any reports of KYC)
  • Binance.org BRIDGE (for going between Tron TRX, BSC, & ETH)
  • changenow.io (Besides accepting ETH ERC20, also supports Tron TRC20 USDT which is low fee to transact with)
  • changelly.com (known for imposing KYC after you send coins)

PLEASE, Help me add to this list. Post below and I’ll update this post.


Swft.pro (now requires a sign-up)


Whoa…Whoa…Whoa!!!..a big kudos and thanks to @marko for beginning this thread and to @Mike_Wagner for adding to it with his post…I truly believe that many a member here on Incognito will find this information useful…I for one sure as hell do…thanks guys for the thread and posting…big time… :sunglasses:


Have you used all of these?

I’m stuck just on “verifying” your first one so far. swft.pro asks for a signup…simple email/password but it does not send a confirmation email. Is it an active project? The swap fees look good but then do you have to pay a withdraw fee also?

At one time, yes, I’ve tried all of these, though to be fair it’s probably been a year or more. I did have to cull some dead exchanges from my list. That said – I don’t recall a sign up for Swft exchange but perhaps that’s been added since I last used it?

EDIT: sign up and KYC is required for ALL withdraws on swft.pro

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I really can’t recommend Phemex enough.
They allow margin contract trading and they don’t require KYC. They also aren’t region locked (at least not that I know of).
Only downside is withdrawal is only 3 times a day, so its hard to make arb opp with Incognito as Incognito shielding is time sensitive. You can time it right though. I currently got a 6x Margin Polkadot Long going on.

Ima shill out and put my referral link. I think they also allow gold contract trading, but ima crypto only kind of man.




Decentralised no kyc margin trading:


Do we have any services or ways to move crypto back into fiat currencies without KYC yet?

Would be nice to also include any options people find (I believe there was a website selling giftcards purchased with crypto).


For anyone who’s interested, haven’t used them so I can’t vouch for the validity

Apparently they sell crypto voucher cards with USD denominations which can be redeemed at any time for BTC or ETH. You can buy the voucher cards with crypto or card (but they kyc for card) and sell them for cash.

Also the more straightforward option is to just use https://www.egifter.com/
they accept crypto as payment


This thread is evolving into something new----including many sign-up exchanges haha. I’ll try to organize it as it’s all useful tools for privacy minded people :slight_smile: It’s going to take a little time as I want to research (and maybe try) each suggestion.

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Sorry, I was focused on no KYC, I didn’t even realize it was a thread for no sign-up.

Phemex - No KYC || Contract Trading / Regular Trading (Includes Gold)
TradeOgre - No KYC || Shady Exchange for Privacy Coins, hasn’t let me down yet

Non SignUp
Vitex - No KYC || Decentralized DEX using proxy coins (you have to download a wallet)

OP Exchange:
Bisq - Peer to peer Crypto Trading network through tor. Allows fiat transfers.


try bitrefill.com