Building a pNode

Hi all,

Being more than a little bored during lock down, I’d like to start a small project and thought about building a pNode rather than just buying one.
Has this and can this be done?

If I did, would I be able to get the pool staking or would I need to provide the 1750 PRV?

If anyone has had a go at this already, I’d love to hear about your build! :love_you_gesture:

I have build two nodes myself. @Linnovations have made a pretty good thread


I think it will be great fun to build your own Node. However, this is not a pNode, and therefore will not be autostaked with funded stake. You will have to provide the 1750 PRV yourself, the same way you would with a hosted node.

It is not impossible for anyone to create their own version of a pNode, name it differently, and start a business selling those, providing their own mechanism of funded staking one way or another.


That makes sense, thanks for the reply! I didn’t even think of people making and selling them :sweat_smile:

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I’ve wondered about for example—their software (and also physical hardware) come comes loaded with node software for multiple chains.

The biggest thing I didn’t like with them specifically is that you can’t easily use it as an endpoint server in metamask and other wallets for the ethereum network.

But in general, a device that can run multiple nodes would be helpful to secure all the blockchains! That’s especially true if it’s run at home, work, or basically not running on AWS :upside_down_face: