Builder Rewards Results (October)

Hey everyone!

Finally, the October Builder Rewards voting is closed. Thanks for casting your votes, and showing your support to our amazing community builders.

The final results:

As usual, this month, the 20,000 PRV September pot will be distributed to builders according to the percentage of votes they received.

Product Votes received % of votes PRV reward
Network Explorer 45 26.63% 5325
Nito - Telegram Bot 14 8.28% 1657
Light Shadow Box - Web Wallet 59 34.91% 6982
Stake Reward Calculator 3 1.78% 355 - Web Wallet 6 3.55% 710
WIC - Desktop Wallet 10 5.92% 1183 - Platform for building privacy applications 10 5.92% 1183
Multisig Wallet 5 2.96% 592
Incognito Earning Trackers 3 1.78% 355
NitoWhaleBot 6 3.55% 710
ENSI Telegram Bot 4 2.37% 473
Python API for Incognito SDK 4 2.37% 473
Total 169 100% 20,000

Congrats and thanks @Inccry @Josh_Hamon @raz @Bruno @taind, @Isyyyy, @Thriftinkid, @Abduraman, @J053 and @incsmile for your work! Both the community and the core team are absolutely thrilled to see more cool features in the works, so don’t forget to deliver features as promised, and keep your proposals updated regularly :slight_smile:

We hope to see more products on the vote list in November! :tada: :raised_hands: :construction_worker_man:

If you’re new to the community and aren’t familiar with how the Builder Rewards program works, and what reward distribution will look like this year, check out this topic.

Thanks everyone.
See you all next month!


Indeed…congrats to all the builders for the awesome work you all have done and continue to do for Incognito and the community…your creativeness and inventiveness leaves one truly in awe. Once again congrats to all the builders… :100: :sunglasses: :partying_face:


wow, the reward is huge :star_struck:

Yuh! That’s sort of incentives for those who are contributing to the Incognito system by building cool products.

If you’re interested in this program, you can check out the details here: Community builder rewards program