Builder Rewards Results (June)

Hey everyone – thanks for voting for the June Builder Rewards! Special thanks of course to our Builders, without whom this would literally not be possible.

The final votes are in.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 4.31.33 PM

The 10,000 PRV June pot will be distributed based on the % of votes the product received.

Product Votes % of votes cast PRV reward
Incognito swag 5 2.27% 227
Nito notification bot 21 9.55% 955
PRV Faucet 3 1.36% 136
Voting app 44 20.00% 2000
Ecosystem tools 6 2.73% 273
Network explorer 121 55.00% 5500
Node watcher 8 3.64% 364
Spotlight website 12 5.45% 545

@raz, @inccry, @Josh_Hamon, @mesquka, @Joe_Moffett, @hungngo, and @altair - I will be reaching out to you to confirm your preferred payment address. Thank you for your wonderful work. :heart:

As you guys know, this program is designed to reward long-term initiatives and thoughtful products. For that reason, rewards will climb steadily for the rest of the year.


The voting category is now closed till the end of July. Please continue to interact with your favorite products in the Building, Product, and Shipped categories!

A few quick notes going forward:

  1. Eligible products will have to be fully operational, even if existing functionality is basic or the product is still in its MVP phase.

  2. To make sure all products have an equal chance of success, the core dev team will no longer be eligible to participate in this program.

Thanks everyone. See you next month!


Congrats to all builders and thank you to all voters!

See you next month :wink:


Wanted to suggest to you to get Brave browser if you don’t use it already. They have an option of tipping the website creator through their crypto.


We will use brave, when they integrate Incognito wallet :laughing:

Brave is cool for sure :slight_smile:


We used to try running some ads with Brave, they worked well :slight_smile:
Any, thanks for your idea :kissing_smiling_eyes:


is there a possibility to become a wallet for their system? as of now you have to sign up with uphold to get brave rewards, what if incognito could be a second option?

I feel like a private browser and a private crypto wallet go hand in hand haha


Users still can have BAT tokens, just instead of public Ethereum wallet, they will have private Incognito wallet :slight_smile:


Coooool… :+1: :+1: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Awesome, thank you all!


@Ducky and @andrey - Brave will be a great partner. For full disclosure, I am one of the guys who uses Brave browser, and I stumbled upon one of your ads back in May, which got me into this project and community. I’m so glad I did, as I now get to be part of a revolution that will change the game in cryptocurrency privacy, as the industry matures over the next few years! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all the builders! I wanted to find out how do I go about creating a proposal? I aim to put one together to pull in all the digital marketing experience I have, to drive adoption for this project across different products (wallet, pDEX, community, etc.).


Cool, congrats everyone!

Question: Will the same products be eligible for voting each month? Or will each month be new products?


Products remain eligible for voting each month to encourage people to continue to develop additional features


Thanks everyone who voted, it’s such an honor to be able to contribute to the project!


DM you about this part.


Nice work guys.
Because I use to live at the backside of the moon, I wonder where I can find the products? Like the bot, or the explorer, or the voting app or or or
Any hints welcome :rofl:
As a suggestion, would be nice to have links to the respective builds in the results post…

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Here is a link to the official voting announcement. It includes links to a topic for each build. Each of these topics contains an external link to the respective build.

You an also jump directly to a filtered category listing for “vote” tagged topics. This will list the individual build topics as well:


Yeah… As i said, it would be nice to have those links in the result announcement as well :kissing_heart:

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