Builder Rewards Results (July)

Hey folks,

The July Builder Rewards poll is now closed. Thanks for casting your votes, and thanks especially to our builders who are helping to make privacy more useful and accessible.

Final results:


For more information on how the program works, and what reward distribution will look like this year, check out this topic.

The 10,000 PRV July pot will be distributed to builders according to the percentage of votes they received.

Product Votes received % of votes PRV reward
Network Explorer 129 40.69% 4069
Nito - Telegram Bot 32 10.10% 1010
Node Watcher 6 1.89% 189
Stake Reward Calculator 13 4.10% 410
Spotlight Website 23 7.26% 726
Web Wallet 26 8.20% 820
Platform for building privacy applications 88 27.76% 2776
Total 317 100% 10000

Congrats @inccry @Josh_Hamon @raz @Bruno @taind, and @incsmile for your hard work! Rewards will arrive in your Incognito wallet soon :tada: :tada: Do keep up work on your products, and keep us all updated. See you next month!

The vote category is now closed till the 3rd week of August.

In the meantime, the Building and Shipped categories are still the best places for you to keep following up with your favorite products. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback and connect with our community builders!

A few quick notes going forward:

  1. Eligible products will have to be fully operational, even if existing functionality is basic or the product is still in its MVP phase.

  2. To make sure all products have an equal chance of success, the core dev team will no longer be eligible to participate in this program.

  3. The regulation of August Builder Rewards vote will be adjusted accordingly to guarantee righteousness and transparency.

Thanks everyone. Wishing you guys a great August ahead.

Cheers! :raised_hands:


I’m :100: pro-righteousness!

However, what does #3 mean?

Thank you for the opportunity!


Thank you to all who voted, and for the core team’s generous support. We will continue to build and create a thriving ecosystem together!