Builder Rewards Results (August)

Hi everyone,

The August Builder Rewards voting is closed. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to cast your votes. :black_circle:

Here is the final result:

Product Votes received % of votes PRV reward
Incognito Network Explorer 86 34.4% 5160
Nito - Telegram Bot 30 12% 1800
Node Watcher 11 4.4% 660
Light Shadow Box - Web Wallet 22 8.8% 1320
WIC - Desktop Wallet 36 14.4% 2160 - Platform for building privacy applications 52 20.8% 3120
Stake Reward Calculator 13 5.2% 780
Total 250 100% 15000

This month, the pot of 15,000 PRV will be distributed to builders according to the respective percentage of votes they received. If you’re not familiar with how the rewards distribution works, have a read here: Community builder rewards program.

On behalf of the whole community, congrats to @inccry, @Josh_Hamon, @raz, @taind, @Isyyyy, @incsmile, and @Bruno for your hard work, and for the amazing products you’ve built. :tada: :tada:

It would be helpful to the community if you continue to put in the same hard work for these products and keep developing new helpful features. For everyone else, while we await the next Builders Rewards, here’s where you can keep following your favorite products:

It’s important to note that:

  • The most important criteria for your product is utility. Be sure you deliver the goals according to the timeline committed and ensure it serves the community’s needs.
  • Eligibility criteria may also be subjected to change.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to me via DM. Hope to see you all next month!

Thanks everyone!