Builder Rewards program: November updates

Hi everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thanks to the Privacy Quest adventure, we’ve been getting a ton of new users joining the community lately. Welcome all to the Incognito fam!

As you all know, the Builders Rewards program is one of the most important operations that help strengthen the whole Incognito ecosystem, and activate a healthy blockchain-based community. We’ve been experimenting with this program for the past 5 months, on-boarding talented builders, getting feedback, and continually making the most relevant updates based on the needs of the community.

To ensure the quality of the Builder program for both developers and community members, from November 2020, there are more changes to eligibility criteria.

So, what’s new?

:construction_worker_man: For builders

Builders, if you’re working hard on your project, let the community know. Then, we can vote for you!

From November 2020, before the official vote opens, builders are required to make a short DEMO video where you will show the community about your progress during the month. Whether or not you show your face/voice is up to you. We simply ask that you let us know:

  • What has been done?
  • What can we expect next? Ship date indication is much appreciated!

The DEMO video can be posted as a comment under your original proposals listed here.

Some notes worth mentioning:

  • If you don’t have any updates for your progress during a month, the project won’t be eligible for rewards that month.
  • The Builder Rewards program is designed to support projects in progress. Hence, if a product is completely finished and you don’t have a plan to ship more features, the project will no longer be counted for the vote.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: For community members

To protect the program from spammers, from November 2020, only community members who are at Trust Level 3 are eligible to receive vote tokens.

That means, if you’re interested in voting in the Builder Rewards program and rewarding your favorite builders, you’ll need to level up your badge to TL3 (regular)!

How to obtain Trust Level 3 >

Thank you all!
I wish you an enjoyable time with Incognito! :black_circle:


Is this really required? For example, I already write the progress version-by-version. Ok, I can summarize it for each month but why video? This is another workload.

This is another problem. In fact, not much for me but maintenance is another cost for the developers. What if the developer gives up the development since he/she won’t be rewarded? What if the project isn’t open-source? Besides, there is a fairness problem, too. Up to now, some projects got rewarded with a little development or without any development? Criteria may change but I think enough time should be given to the developers before such a change is applied.

Hey @abduraman, how to make program better to attract honest builders and build world class products on top of Incognito ?

Hey @andrey, sorry but confused. Is this question related to what I wrote or a new question? If not related, as of now I have no idea. I need some time to think. If related, I should admit that I have difficulty in finding some relationships. Here are my relationships. If they are wrong/nonsense, forget them :slight_smile:

1- Since you mention honesty, I think you expect a KYC-like thing from “video”, how will you succeed in this? If the developer wants to remain anonymous and doesn’t show any face/sound ( probably like me :slight_smile: ), what is the difference between video content and text/image content as a progress report?

2- By “building world-class products”, I think you mean that the reward pot should be distributed to fewer teams/people so that the developers of future/present world-class products could earn more rewards and can be attracted. I just wrote fairness issue and possible risks. Since the community-voted governance is not ready yet, this is the team’s call.

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So privacy dex that promotes dox of devs? Lol. Videos are pointless

No, they do not want such a thing as you see below, but as I said, I really don’t understand its reasoning.

What’s the point for the discussion ? To have this requirement or not ?

If so, you guys can launch a poll for all builders and ask if they want to remove it from the criteria list. If nobody like it, then there is no sense to keep it :slight_smile:

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Lol no one needs to self dox. I assume a video could also be a presentation converted into video format? Seems to be a good way to alleviate concerns as that is very easy to output


Ok, then here are the polls. This is just for builders. Please do not answer if you are not a builder. Since the new situation has developed after the poll creation, I cannot restrict the polls just for TL3. So please do not answer if you are not a TL3 member.

How do you want to present your monthly progress if exists?

  • Text/image explanation
  • Video

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Should a “maintained” project without any update be added to the voting list?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hey @abduraman and everyone, thanks for all your inputs. It’s really helpful for us to figure out the most relevant criteria for the program.

I would like to add some small clarifications in the hope that it could be helpful somehow to ease your concern.

The initial idea of making a video is to make the products more intuitive, user-friendly and understandable on user-end. Text updates as usual are good for sure, but sometimes technical writing can somewhat confuse users in general, and limit them from making a decision to use the product. Please always keep in mind that the main focus of Builder Rewards program is: utility. And, sadly say, it’s the fact that without an visual demonstration from the owners, people just ‘take a visit’ to builders’ pages, read all the update posts, and bounce out of the thread quickly. They don’t actually use the products. :frowning:

Hey, how can we keep rewarding a product without usability?

However, we admit that the way the new criteria’s phrased could make it sound too heavy and difficult for builders. We’re sorry for that! :pray: Just trying to deliver the idea about how to bring the amazing projects closer to users.

Now, let’s vote on the poll created by @abduraman above :point_up: We would love to see what you think about how to measure the quality of community projects!

Thank you all!


Hi all, video is not a big deal. You could only capture you screen the share utility, etc… I saw a video for the HD wallet if I recall correctly and it was great!


@abduraman, in relation to your second question, let me highlight some of my thoughts.

  1. Not a single world class product ever stops building and improving. Show me if you know any.
  2. Please keep in mind how much core team is building ->
  3. It’s not a charity, it’s not a giveaway, or an airdrop program. This program is designed to help privacy-minded creators who want to build products of value by utilizing Incognito technology.

Isn’t “maintaining” building or improving?

They are full-time employees but we are not. If you look for dedicated builders to outsource some tasks, I hope you will find them.

Who said that it’s a charity or something like that? As I know we are builders, not beggars. I like your idealism but I still cannot read anyone’s mind. I hope more privacy-minded creators as you wish will meet with Incognito.

Thanks for your kind words @Ducky.

We don’t reward the builders, voters/users reward. If they use a product, they can vote for it. If not, they don’t vote for it. Simple. If not that simple, why do we send some tokens to some “dumb” people and want them to vote for the products? No builders get rewarded since his/her product is added to the voting list. There is no participation reward. If we assume that the voters are a little bit dumb, I think we should give up this voting scheme. Otherwise, we should give up forcing the builders to do something for their benefit. They are not children. If a product doesn’t get expected/enough votes, its builder evaluates why it was so and tries to find a solution. If the issue is usability, she improves usability. If it is stability, she improves stability, and so on.

Anyway, writing takes time and I have to get back to work on my new project :construction_worker_man:


I also think is not much of a deal, at least for me.

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Under the new proposal, builders must be building every single month. 30 days to conceive, plan, build, test & ship a feature or update, regardless of scope. That is absurd. Some features may take just a few days to complete that cycle, while others may take weeks spanning months to properly develop. Regarding dev time to completion, any coder will tell you – “it depends”.

Consider this hypothetical – If @inccry were to decree that is feature complete tomorrow and moving to maintenance – fixing shipped features that break, systems maintenance, Incognito protocol upgrades, etc. – that does NOT mean:

A) is no longer useful to the community
B) @inccry does not have on-going costs for server hosting, utility services for the servers, etc.

Andrey has the right idea to limit non-participatory builders and stale projects. However a project in maintenance or months long development != non-participatory or stale.

Why not create two tiers for Builder Rewards? (1) Active Development and (2) Maintenance?

Those builders who meet the current criteria and/or criteria Andrey is suggesting would be awarded rewards as they do now, as Active Development builders.

Builders who are maintaining a feature-complete project, major milestone complete project, taking a short sabbatical from feature development, etc could receive rewards as Maintenance builders. They would still need to apply, showing non-abandoned status, indicating they are seeking Maintenance rewards.

There of course would need to be criteria for Maintenance, such as active engagement through bug fixes, public user support, tutorials & documentation, demonstrated on-going costs and/or whatever else the Core Team feels necessary to demonstrate ongoing community engagement.

Builders would be free to switch tiers monthly, depending on development, overall feature completion, personal reasons, etc.

Maintenance rewards could be rewarded as a percentage of a full reward – say 50% or even 25% of a full reward. The remainder could then be recycled back into the overall Builder’s reward pool for the next month. Or they could be used to stake new vNodes to earn PRV that is used to replenish the Builder’s reward pool similar to Provide for validators and investors.

Perhaps a third tier is added for long development cycles that allow a builder to earn the smaller maintenance rewards during a long feature development. Upon completion of the long development cycle, they are able to capture some/all of their un-awarded percentage. This would need to be limited to operational projects beyond a basic MVP status to deter spam/low-effort projects.

Rewarding Maintenance rewards as a percentage of a full reward keeps the rewards distribution relative to the number of current projects, as the program has been operating. This also keeps larger projects with very deep feature sets from earning more simply because other projects switched to a Maintenance reward during a given month.


I think everyone should participate in the polls. Those who receive builder coins should have a say in how they prefer to be updated on projects once a month.

With the requirements now set to level 3 users, there is a higher chance voters are more involved with the project. Seeing builder projects in action will help more than having to go through text and discussions.


The interesting part is that with Trust Level 3 there are only 36 people that can vote this month. I’ve never bothered to vote before but I guess it’s pretty important from here on out!

Start your campaigning to these people:
:joy: (joke)

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I’ve a proposal to improve the Builder Rewards program :slight_smile:

What if we change rewards?

My proposal is to change rewards, from PRV rewards to Incognito governance token rewards.

The idea is to win “power” for future Incognito network roadmap / features / global choices, to be able to vote to change pDEX fees or custodians fees, etc…

This governance token could be granted to everyone that brings value to the network: builders, custodians, liquidity providers, best community members in the forum, bug finders, (insert an important role I missed :wink: )…

To decentralize all the things should be a goal for Incognito network, this token could help.

Finally, as every token, the market would define what is the real price of it: if you don’t receive tokens, you can buy them. If you need money, you can sell them.


PRV should be the governance token, once we shifted to decentralized governance

dividing utility to an additional token is an awful idea, weakening prv without any benefits

decisions should be made by people who are real stakeholders of the network


I disagree. Decisions should be made by workers, not by shareholders.