Builder Reward Results (September)

Hey folks,

The September Builder Rewards voting is now closed. Thanks for casting your votes, and thanks especially to our builders who are helping to build the Incognito ecosystem.

Final results:

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 11.51.56 AM

The 15,000 PRV September pot will be distributed to builders’ Incognito address according to the percentage of votes they received.

Product Votes received % of votes PRV reward
Network Explorer 38 26.95% 4043
Nito - Telegram Bot 11 7.80% 1170
Light Shadow Box - Web Wallet 32 22.70% 3404
Stake Reward Calculator 3 2.13% 319 - Web Wallet 14 9.93% 1489
WIC - Desktop Wallet 17 12.06% 1809 - Platform for building privacy applications 14 9.93% 1489
Multisig Wallet 4 2.84% 426
Incognito Earning Trackers 6 4.26% 638
Node Watcher 2 1.42% 213
Total 141 100% 15,000

For more information on how the program works, and what reward distribution will look like this year, check out this topic.

Congrats @Inccry @Josh_Hamon @raz @Bruno @taind, @Isyyyy, @Thriftinkid and @incsmile for your amazing work! It would be nice if you guys keep up work on upgrading your products, adding more useful features and keep us all updated.

The more diverse community products are, the more thriving Incognito ecosystem is. We hope to see more products on the vote list next month!

A few quick notes going forward:

Note 1: Eligibility criteria will be updated in October. Do check in the forum frequently so you won’t miss any important info.

Note 2: The core team is still looking for more community inputs for these improved ideas. Feel free to give your feedback if you have any.

Thanks everyone. Wishing you guys a great October ahead.



cool! Of course I plan on moving forward with updates as long as people find it useful. This is new for me. When do funds typically get transferred?

Hey @Thriftinkid, the PRV reward will be distributed to your Incognito address which is associated with your profile around 1st week of the month. Please kindly check your address on profile again to make sure that it’s a correct one.

Btw, congrats on your first time at Builder Rewards! :slight_smile: :tada:


I think we should add The


Actually there is only the calculator for the Provide PRV on the liquidity pool.
We could add somewhere in the bottom the staking calculator for running the node.

Another thing about the Calculator, that actually i love, is that you could add the rewards if you get a funded node, it would be super nice.


Hey @Katoshicoins, thanks for your suggestion. Actually we’re already in a direct chat with StakingRewards. We’re not sure if it’s possible, but let us try to ask for adding calculator for pNode.